This week on another brand new "Storage Wars" season 9 pushed forward with an episode titled, "Mary's Big Score." The buyers were in El Monte, California this episode but there was no sign of Ivy Calvin, Dave Hester or Darrell Sheets. Dan and Laura Dotson were the auctioneers this week, representing their company American Auctioneers.

Mary Padian

Mary brings her new boyfriend Dylan to the auction this week and wins the first unit for $3,000. Right away she finds some Stetson cowboy hats and some nail salon items. There's a few dressers, end tables and furniture she values at $1,000 and some cowboy boots worth $200 a pair.

Mary finds a lot of cooking and kitchen items but one item catches her attention most. She takes the item to a cooking expert who tells her she has a brand new charcoal BBQ grill worth about $350 because it's a solid unit. Mary had a profit this episode of $1,130.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz

Brandi buys the second unit of the day for $1,200, but Jarrod is skeptical. It's unusual for Schulz to not want to buy a unit, but perhaps he's learning some restraint. They find a wireless router and some other computer gear. There's also a snack machine and some phones, as well as some office desks and supplies. Jarrod finds a battery charger worth $20 which he wants to keep. They also find a teleprompter that they take to a local news station to get checked out.

The expert says it works but isn't exactly new, so it's worth about $350. Jarrod and Brandi end up the day with $455 profit from their unit.

Rene Nezhoda

Rene, looking for collectibles this week, wins the third unit of the day for $165, which is filled with scrap metal and lug nuts. He knows what is in the unit and begs the auctioneer not to announce the high value items inside the unit before the auction.

He finds a tire temperature gauge that he takes to an expert at the racetrack. The expert tells Rene the item is called a pyrometer and finds out that it's worth about $300. Rene ends up with $3,135 in profit from his unit, making him the winner for this episode.