This week on a new "Storage Wars" season 9 shuffles along with an episode 12 titled, "The One With Mary and Allee." Rena, Jarrod, Brandi, Mary and her new friend Allee star in this episode with Dan and Laura Dotson of American Auctioneers. Allee is supposedly heavily experienced in the same sort of merchandise and kitschy collectibles that Mary loves and makes a majority of her money from. Rene takes the opportunity to make friends with Allee and the two joke about writing music and singing. The comedy mostly falls flat, but provides an interesting side story, if only for a few moments between buys.

Mary and Allee find treasures

Mary Padian buys the first unit for $110 and quickly finds a fishing reel and gear worth $10 and a toolbox worth $35. They find a grow light worth $25 and some vintage lighters worth $20 each. A box of binocular parts they value at $40 and a Makita router they find is worth $150. The best item they find is some sort of camera. They take it to an expert who tells them that it's a Flex Cam. The forward looking infrared camera can tell home inspectors about heat leaks in the buildings they are investigating. The expert values the camera at $4,000. Mary ended up with a profit of $4,260 this episode.

Jarrod and Brandi have bad luck

Jarrod is cautious this episode and tells Brandi that they should only buy units where what they are buying is obvious, despite the possibility of Hollywood memorabilia being tucked away inside boxes.

The second unit is packed tight and a tall cabinet and other contents actually falls out and hits auctioneer Laura right on the head. She's fine, there's no blood and no need for stitches, so the show goes on. When the bidding starts, Brandi and Jarrod pounce on the locker and bid until they win, paying $2,000, despite Jarrod proclaiming right away that the locker sucks and it's all inexpensive junk.

They find $2 in a box and it only gets worse from there. They find a $25 printer they call crap and some $25 chairs, which Brandi jokes are made out of real human skin. Two of the better items they locate are a $300 Rascal mobility scooter and a triple stack Craftsman toolbox Jarrod values at $500. Jarrod and Brandi ended up with a loss of $538 this episode.

Rene finds DJ gear

Saying the locker has potential, Rene buys the last unit of the day for $110. He finds an aluminum bike worth $50 and a cash register with keys worth $20 right away. He locates riding boots and a helmet worth $40 and a commercial coffee pot he values at $20. He finds another helmet and gloves he says is worth $50 and a table with legs worth another $50. He finds a Vivitar 3800N 35mm manual SLR film camera he says is worth $40 and a brand new stove he values at $400. He locates some vintage speakers he values at $40 and a $20 lawnmower. He then finds some DJ equipment that he takes to a professional and finds out his used continuous flow Chavet confetti launching machine is valued at only $75. Rene ended up with a profit of $1,215 this episode.