According to the latest news, Eminem is working on his 9th studio album, which will probably be released in 2017. Recently, moreover, Royce 5’9'' explained to DJ Vlad how much Eminem helped him while he was fighting against alcoholism.

When the new Eminem's album will be released?

As reported by Christian Today, Eminem is now focused on his 9th studio album. The rapper is reported to be spending most of the time in his studio. Eminem's ninth album was supposed to be released before the end of 2016, but according to Media Mass, the Rap God's new album is still in the early stages.

The album, in which Eminem will collaborate again with 50 Cent, is probably going to be released in 2017.

Royce 5’9'' story: how Eminem helped him during his rehab period

Recently Royce 5’9'', in speaking with DJ Vlad, explained how many problems he had when he was an alcoholic. He did "all of the bad things you can think about". He was in jail, he almost died in a car accident and heassociated himself with very bad people. "I did everything but lose my family", he added.

Royce confessed to tears.

Royce confessed he called Eminem in tears when he decided to stop drinking. As Royce reported, the Rap God told him "Yo, my G. That’s the realest s*** you ever said to me. Ever. Yo, come home". After that, Marshall put him in a rehab center and became his confidant.

Royce said he needed to talk to him a lot back then. He told Em every story without being embarrassed and Eminemwas able to relate to every problem he experienced.

"Every thing that I had on my mind [...] I could say to him and then he would have a story to match that, but probably something even worse".Apparently Eminem already knew what he was going to say.

Nice revelations of dark moments.

These are some nice revelations aboutRoyce's darkest moments. Thesuccess he achieved after he stopped drinking is well-known: after the critically acclaimed "PRhyme" album, he recently released the album "Layers", which obtained some great reviews and hit the first spot on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart.