A lot of things happened in Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 20: let's see in this recap the most important events in the installment of the TV show aired on May 2 on The CTW.

Jane the Virgin recap: problems for everyone

In the last episode of Jane the Virgin Jane is concerned about her job, and when Michael told her he has accepted a job as chief of security for Rogelio de la Vega, Jane seems worried about the chance of running a family on such a poor income. During a brunch planned by Jane, she finds out that Anezka sabotaged her job as a TA. Petra takes Jane's side until Anezka reveals that she overheard Jane talking bad of Petra as a mom.

Petra and Jane are on the outs again.

In the meanwhile, Derek threatens Rafael, asking Rafael to sell him the Fairwick for a dollar or to be ready to deal with the feds.

Rogelio tries to impress Dina

Jane is also enlisted by Rogelio to help him in preparation for Dina's birthday, for which Rogelio wants to appear interesting and smart, and capable of blending in with her friends. However, when Rogelio finds out that the party is actually a sit-down dinner, he panics and asks Jane to attend the party. Following Jane's suggestions on her iPhone, Rogelio charms the audience until an autocorrection turns a NATO reference into a nazi phrase. Nonetheless, Dina looks impressed by Rogelio's efforts.

Brunch time at the Marbella

The next morning a brunch with Petra take place at the Marbella. To escape the awkward situation Jane goes on the balcony and finds Rafael, who confesses everything to her: the insider trading, the blackmailing and how desperate his situation is. A tribute video is played for Jane-the-wonderful-mother, and Anezka offers a toast to Petra.

It's easy to figure out what is going to happen: Jane and Petra start screaming to each other and Anezka faints from stress-induced epilepsy.

Jane visits Anezka at the hospital and apologizes to her. Anezka apologizes back about the job as TA and accidentally reveals to Jane that Petra was covering up for herall along.

Michael's new hypothesis about Derek

Rogelio is on the set again and Michael is with him. While watching a scene with Chris Columbus' boats Michael suddenly calls Susanna with a new theory. What if Derek was never on the boat?

Before the closing of Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 20, we see Derek in cahoots with his mother: they were planning together to take control of the hotel. But what is their real master plan?

Don't forget that Jane the Virgin season 2 episode 21, titled 'Chapter Forty-Three', airs on May 9 on The CW. The TV show'sseason finale is approaching. Here you can watch the promo video for the next episode: