What is going to happen in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 7? Here are our spoilers, HBO's video trailer and official synopsis, the next episode's air date and some exciting theories about what we're going to see in the next installment. Be careful: spoilers will follow!

GOT season 6 episode 6, promo video trailer and synopsis

Let's see the new promo video of Game of Thrones season 6 episode 7. The next episode is titled "The Broken Man":

The official summary for GOT 6 episode 7 is even more brief than usual. "The High Sparrow eyes another target", Jamie confronts a hero (as we can see in the trailer, the "hero" is the Blackfish), Arya makes a plan to do what she already did many times: escape an amost certain death, and finally, "the North is reminded".

GOT 6 episode 7 spoilers: the Hound's return

Yes, you read well: Sandor Clegane is ready to come back in GOT. Many hints confirmed that episode 7 is the one in which the Hound, one of the most popular character in GOT first seasons, is coming back in the show. The title of the episode, "The Broken Man", refers to a Septon Meribald's speech in A Feast For Crows: after the speech Brienne meets a gravedigger who many fans believe is the Hound.

We strongly suggest you to read the full story in our article about the Hound's return. We will see again Sandor in the Riverlands, not too far from Riverrun, where an epic siege is going to take place.

A big mess at Riverrun: Jamie, the Blackfish, Brienne and Podrick

As we can see in the trailer, Jamie will face the Blackfish in episode 7. We have many spoilers about Game of Thrones season 6 Riverlands' storyline: Jamie Lannister's intervention will force the Tullys not to join Jon and Sansa's army in the North. Brienne will talk with the Tullys but her mission will fail.

Podrick will be captured in a Lannister's camp, but very possibly the one who is going to catch is Bronn.

In the Riverlands we're going to see the Hound again: Brienne is probably going to meet him, but we cannot exclude that the one who is going to meet him is actually Lady Stoneheart, since we're going to see again Thoros of Myr and other members of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Arya's storyline gets intense

Brace yourselves, because Arya's storyline is about to get bloody. She will make a plan, according to GOT season 7 episode 7 synopsis, but we know she will risk her life. Leaked photos from the set reveal that the Waif will try to kill her. In one of the pictures the Waif wield a knife. And there's blood on the blade...

The big battle in the North: Jon and Sansa's army

The Davos speech in the trailer is set in a Mormonts castle (if you look carefully, you can see the Mormont's insignia on the wall). In another scene, Sansa will seek the Glovers' support (House Glover's insignia is a silver fist on scarlet). We don't know which houses will join the Northern army but clearly Sansa and Jon will gain enough support to fight Ramsay in the upcoming Battle of Winterfell.

Episode 7 will probably be much more exciting of GOT season 6 episode 6, so don't forget the next episode's air date: "The Broken Man" airs on June 5 on HBO.