This week on "Bering Sea Gold" season 6 captures an episode titled, "Father’s Day." It's June and everyone is about to celebrate Father's Day weekend in Nome Alaska. For the Pomrenke family, three generations have come together to celebrate and, for the Kelly family, it’s the same old story. The Kelly family can't stop arguing and fighting about their Solomon River claim and hasn’t earned anything so far this summer so tensions are high as everyone is dead broke. The Eroica stands at a season total of 27.64 ounces worth $33,590 while the Havilah has accrued 39 ounces, worth $47,155 and Vernon Adkison still hasn't claimed any gold this season

High Noon secures a Pomrenke crew member

With some practice and testing behind them, the crew of High Noon, owned by captain Derek McLarty, has a lot to prove now that it's time to kick their operation into high gear.

They've enlisted 17 year old Dylan, son of Shawn Pomrenke, to help them move material at the bottom of the Bering Sea that hopefully is full of gold. Everything seems to be going fine, but once in the water, Dylan begins to feel light headed and is unable to continue his first shift on the dredge. The High Noon ends the episode with 20.18 ounces worth $24,216.

Shawn gives his son valuable dredging lessons

Shawn got wind that his son Dylan Pomrenke had second thoughts about being a gold dredger after his first time in the ocean on the High Noon so they set out to first work on a six-inch nozzle and get him acquainted with the smaller details of diving that will prepare him for what he may encounter while working the massive twelve-inch nozzle on the High Noon.

After some instruction, Dylan gets back on the horse and actually really steps up to the plate and takes his place as the next generation of Pomrenke gold dredgers.

The Kelly family implodes

Brad, Kris and Andy Kelly continue to show the world how not to be successful as gold miners in Alaska. On this episode, after the embarrassment of claim jumping last week, the Kelly family again fails to get the nozzle of The Reaper on any gold, depsite owning three claims that Brad paid $10,000 for recently.

Kris, fed up with his father and the lack of production, runs his mouth to the point that his father attacks him and the two push, shove, punch and kick each other until they're pulled apart. Kris ends up walking home but shows up to the boat the next shift to continue their misadventures on the Bering Sea. This family is everything that's wrong, or everything that's right, depending on your point of view, with reality television.

Shawn gives Steve a golden Father's Day

Steve Pomrenke gets a visit from his son Shawn on Father's Day, who hands his dad a jar full of gold. Steve is impressed by his son's efforts and the jar is filled with 53 ounces of gold, worth around $62,000. Steve and Shawn seem to come to a momentary truce and with his dad's blessings, Shawn is all set to go to the bluff where he suspects he will find piles of untouched gold worth millions of dollars. The Christine Rose ends this week with a season total of 241.25 ounces worth $292,278.