This week it's an all new episode of "The Big Bang Theory" and season 9 continues with, "The Viewing Party Combustion." The guys are digging through back issues at the comic book store when Raj gets a text on his phone. He tells the guys he has to go on a date and that he's dating two women, much to the shock of everyone. Raj scurries off, leaving his friends to ponder what just happened. Not long ago, Raj couldn’t talk to a single woman and now he is juggling two intimate relationships.

The group has a viewing party for 'Game Of Thrones'

Leonard gets a party sub for "Game Of Thrones" and Sheldon asks why, because he doesn’t want it to be a party.

Sheldon reminds Leonard there’s a quarterly roommate agreement meeting the next day and Leonard says it’s a waste of time. Penny walks in and asks why she then memorized the pledge, which she was to recite at the meeting. Sheldon asks for a vote on the matter and Leonard gets irate at the need for a roommate agreement. Penny takes Sheldon’s side and it upsets Leonard even more. Meanwhile, Raj tells Howard that dating two women is exhausting, but then he rubs it in and says he doesn’t know where he is at night sometimes and wonders if there’s even a third women he’s dating. Later, "Game Of Thrones" is about to start and Leonard is pouting about Sheldon. Penny asks if they can just skip to the part where the two make up and get over the issue.

Sheldon asks Leonard again to come to the meeting, just as Amy shows up with her famous spinach dip

Raj continues to brag about his conquests

Howard tells Raj he has to google how to play catch with his baby, if it’s a boy. If it’s a girl, he has no idea what he’ll do because guys are awful to women. After Raj talks more about dating two women, Howard tells Raj to stop bragging about it because it’s getting old.

Sheldon reads a Harley Quinn comic and explains to Amy that Leonard is mad about the roommate meeting and Amy says she hated their relationship agreement meetings. Sheldon doesn’t get Amy’s sarcasm and asks Penny for advice. Raj and Howard continue to argue and Raj says he’s just jealous. Sheldon and Penny take half the party sub and go to her apartment to watch the show, while Raj joins them.

Amy, upset with Sheldon, stays to watch with Leonard and Howard, who doesn’t want to be anywhere Raj is going to be. Raj asks if Amy brought her spinach dip and Howard says he is going to eat it all and slams the door. Leonard and Howard discuss what happened and Amy suggests it’s testosterone. Stuart awkwardly shows up dressed in cosplay, as Howard instructed, so he goes over to Penny’s apartment and says it's where he was told to go if he’s mad at Howard.

Amy confronts Penny

Leonard thanks Amy for sticking up for him and she says she’s upset that Penny and Sheldon are so close. Amy then exposes how Penny gets Sheldon to add things to the roommate agreement so she can get her way without arguing.

Leonard explains that Bernadette does the same thing to Howard and has Raj do her bidding to get her way. Frustrated, Leonard knocks on Penny's door and lets her know that Amy told him what she does with the roommate agreement. Moments later, Howard has a nut allergy reaction to the party sub that contained mortadella with pistachio nuts. Howard's face swells up and they all go to the hospital. Bernadette comes out and says Howard will be fine. Soon after, Howard comes out and says he’ll be alright and his face has stopped swelling. Sheldon tells everyone that he was right and the party sub would ruin everything.