Andi Dorfman was onThe Bachelor and then later got her chance to be onThe Bachelorette. Neither relationship worked out, but Andi's life has been forever changed since the show. Now she has written a book about her experience and Andi is talking about how she thinks trying to win the heart of Juan Pablo Galavis was one of the stupidest things she has ever done in her entire life.

Why was it stupid?

Andi explained that she was standing there to meet Juan Pablo Galavis for the first time at 4:30 a.m. and it was freezing cold. At that point, Andi was waiting to meet a man that she didn't even know and hope that he would give her a rose.

She felt like this was a stupid decision as she sat there freezing and with her feet hurting.

It turned out that Juan Pablo wasn't the man for Andi Dorfman and she didn't win his heart. That didn't really matter though because she got a chance to meet Josh Murray when she was cast asThe Bachelorette. These two did fall in love, but they were not able to work things out in the end. Josh and Andi stayed together for a while after the show came to an end.

What aboutThe Bachelorette?

When Andi Dorfman looks back onThe Bachelorette, she thinks great things about this show. Andi may have not always thought amazing things about the show, but she realizes now that she got to do a lot of things like going on press trips and being on the red carpet, that would have never happened if it wasn't for this show.

For that reason, she looks back on it and thinks that she was very lucky. Her new bookIt's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never Afterwill hit stores on May 17 and this will tell you all about Andi's time on the show.

Are you shocked to hear that Andi Dorfman thought being onThe Bachelor was stupid? Are you excited to read her new book?

Sound off in the comments below and don't missThe Bachelorette when it returns on May 23rd. A lot of people find love on this show and rumors are even flying that Chris Harrison may have found love with an ex-contestant.