Fortunately, we could hear about our favorite naked celebrity, Chelsea Handler again: now she wished happiness – wearing only a pair of knee socks – for her girlfriend and colleague, Reese Witherspoon who was celebrating her 40th birthday.

A huge party with a lot of celebrities

The star of "Legally Blonde" turned forty on 22nd March. Her birthday celebrations had started out with a huge party, where stars like Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew McConaughey, and Robert Downey Jr. also appeared. A Taylor Swift/Keith Urban concert guaranteed the great mood at the party.

Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman celebrated her girlfriend’s birthday not only at the party, but she had attended a private, more intimate dinner before, where Reese got a birthday cake as well. Chelsea Handler, the less famous, but not unknown comedienne also appeared.

A selfie as a perfect gift

Chelsea, the 41-year-old actress thought that the celebration was not enough, and greeted her girlfriend separately as well. One can know her apart from her own reality show, because of her roles in "This Means War" and "Hop." She thought the most appropriate birthday present was a naked selfie which she had taken in her own boudoir.

Handler probably took the photo right after waking up and getting out of the bed – at least, that’s what her tired face and messy hair indicates.

She tried to save the situation by putting on a pair of black knee socks. Reese Witherspoon must have been happy with the nice surprise but the most important thing is that the naked star took revenge on Instagram with the photo.

A trick that made even Instagram like the photo

Handler has declared war on the photo sharing site for a long time, as its admins always remove the star’s half-naked photos which they label as pornographic content.

The comedienne uploads these nude photos as a part of a feminist movement, because she thinks that it is unfair that men can show their naked nipples while women can’t. Handler tricked the moral supervisors of Instagram by covering her bust and lower body with her hands.