In the February issue of W magazine we can see some photos of the best actresses of 2015 who recalled their favorite or very first sex scenes in short videos. Alicia Vikander is posing half naked only wearing a leather vest, while Charlize Theron is totally naked in the photos.

The beautiful star of Mad Max: Fury Road can exactly remember when she saw sex in a movie for the first time in her life. Theron was only seven years old when, instead of sleeping, she walked into their living room where an erotic thriller titled Body Heat was on television.

When the little girl stepped into the room, William Hurt and Kathleen Turner were at the beginning of a bed scene, and the actress preserved this memory forever.

Cate Blanchett, the wonderful actress of Carol saw a sex scene at the age of nine for the first time in her life, when her incautious parents took her to the cinema. Although Blanchett cannot recall the title of the movie, she does remember that the female main character wanted to heal the male protagonist with kisses, and this ended up in sex. At the age of nine, the actress definitely thought that she would want to do something similar soon.

Alicia Vikander, who played in movies like Ex Machina, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Danish Girl in 2015, liked the sex scenes of the drama titled Blue Valentine the best as she thought them very realistic.

The enchanting actress told said that she had been the only one arriving at the cinema alone, and had been crying when Ryan Gosling played the guitar on the street for Michelle Williams.

The legendary actressJane Fonda, who is still in a great shape at the age of seventy-eight, said that she had been shooting a sex scene for her next movie a few days before.

By her own admission, she's surprised for even being alive at this age, and if thirty years ago anyone would have told her that she would appear in a sex scene at the age of seventy-eight, she would have surely burst out laughing.

Greta Gerwig (To Rome with Love, Frances Ha) mentioned a real classic when she was asked about her favorite sex scene.

The young actor chose the famously long and detailed sex scene (which has a special place from the perspective of the story) of Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie from the thriller titled Don’t Look Now!