In the movie titled The Kid, Spencer Breslin impersonated the young version of Bruce Willis who realizes the fact quite angrily that he becomes an ass as an adult and doesn’t even have a dog. Breslin’s child actor career was started by The Kid, and soon he had more and more roles in different family movies. Let’s see what happened to the chubby little boy arguing with Bruce Willis.

A growing career

Spencer Breslin has been in TV series since he was five. He was only seven years old when he got the role of Rusty in The Kid. The energetic little boy wasn’t a disappointment at all, he was a great partner to Bruce Willis playing his adult 40-year-old version.

After the success of The Kid, Breslin immediately became a popular child actor, he appeared in the comedy Meet The Parents and in many other TV films. His next role was the elf with eyeglasses wearing a strange knitted cap in The Santa Clause 2, and then he became a permanent character in family films.

After the Christmas movie, The Cat in The Hat was the next, in which Mike Myers - dressed as a huge cat - entertained him and his sister impersonated by the now serious actress Dakota Fanning. At the age of 12 Breslin appeared in the romantic comedy The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement as the little prince who wanted to engage Mia despite being only a little boy. A year later he impersonated the son of Tim Allen who turns into a dog in the comedy The Shaggy Dog.

Four years after The Santa Clause 2 he was involved in the third Santa Clause movie by the side of Allen again.

Growing into a man

Breslin got his first main role at the age of sixteen in a comedy titled Harold that is about a teenager who starts to go bald too early. But as he was getting older he got fewer offers. The 23-year-old actor, the oldest brother of the Academy Award nominee Abigail Braslin (Little Miss Sunshine) appears in movies about once a year.

Last time the American audience could see him in a teenager horror titled Some Kind of Hate.

Besides filming, Breslin is seriously interested in music, he released an album as well containing folk-indie tracks. When he doesn’t sing or act, he works as a music and film producer.