On a brand new "Star Wars Rebels" this week we reach thepenultimate episode before the second season finale with episode 20, titled, "The Mystery of Chopper Base." The Rebels of "Star Wars" have found a new base, with the help of Chopper and AP-5, who was introduced last week, but they face an issue of spiders on the surface that must be dealt with quickly. At the start of this episode Ezra and Kanan are training harder than ever before the mission to Malachor and they seem to be at a stalemate while sparring. Kanan reminds Ezra that there's no such thing any longer as a tie, because if you lose then you die.

Ezra snaps back that you can win by killing an Inquisitor. Kanan retorts with a Yoda-like phrase that you win by surviving.

The new Rebel base has some issues with spiders

While there is a fresh water source found deep underground, the new Rebel base is far from perfect. Sensor markers are put into place and the setup of the base continues. For the moment, the only issue for the Rebels are small creatures that resemble snails, called Dokma, but Zeb calls them Bogans. Later in the episode, Krykna spiders make their appearance known and it turns out that they can be repelled by the sensor markers. The Rebels begin to place a perimeter around their base with sensor markers so the Krykna spiders will no longer be an issue.

Kanan and Hera share some possible romantic drama

The Jedi and the Twi'lek rebel possibly inch towards a deeper relationship. While there's been nothing official about the two being a couple we do know that the pair did spend many years together before the events in Rebels and they often do bicker and argue and get along like a couple.

Hera seems upset that Kanan is leaving for Malachor and it comes from a genuine place of worry. It just feels like the threads of romance are being tugged, but we'll have to see how the story unfolds to witness the relationship take a next level.

The setup for the finale

This week seemed like it was an obligatory episode that was merely leading up to the important plot issues to be dealt with on the season finale.

Some loose ends were pulled in, including a scene with Ezra and Zeb that showed more camaraderie between them than we've seen in some time and the return of Ahsoka. The teasers for the finale promise that Darth Maul will return to Star Wars and Darth Vader, voiced by James Earl Jones, will also appear in the episode, which promises to change the destiny of the universe.