Lilly Wachowski, the renowned "Matrix" co-director has come out as transgender, four years after her brother did the same and came out as Lana, reports The Washington Post, on March 09, 2016.

After this step from Lilly, both the masterminds of "Matrix" have revealed that they aretransgendered.

Lilly Wachowski was formerly known as Andy Wachowski. Lilly has now released a statement explaining hertransition, following threats from various media houses.

According to Lilly her transition is a sex change shocker, and she made it clear that Wachowski brothers are now Wachowski sisters.

Lilly also made it clear that she has released herstatement due to continuous infringements of her privacy by various people in the media.

According toLilly, one day a Daily Mail reporter knocked at her door and asked her to share herinspirational story in an interview. She also added that the request from the reporter sounded like more of a threat.

Lilly's elder sister Lana was previously known as Larry. 'He' transferred hisidentity to 'she' in 2012. The same year, after her transition, she made her first public appearance at the Human Rights gala fundraising event in the U.S.

Up to nowboth Lilly and Lana have maintained the utmost privacy in their personal lives, and they have not given many open interviews to themedia. They take their privacy very seriously and.

The interesting factor is that both Lana and Lilly are married. Lana is married to Karin Winslow for seven years while Lilly has been enjoying the bliss of marital life since 1991 with Alisa Blasingame.

In the statement, Lilly statedthat living as transgender in this majority-enforced gender binary world is not at all an easy task. According to Lilly, a transgender will be compelled to lead theirlife in aworld which is openly hostile to them.

She also added that i'ts tough to live life like this and not something that you canhide for long.

Their next project, the second seasonof "Sense8", is ready to start production and will be filmed later this year.