This week on "2 Broke Girls" we continue season 5 with episode 15 titled, "And The Great Escape." The episode revolves around Randy and Max, who has wild dog adventures with Caroline. Caroline just wants to mingle and FaceTime with her potential biopic actors. At the start of the episode, Max and Caroline fake being at a premiere and call into the diner attempting to make themselves appear to be having a better time than they really are having. Max and Caroline claim that all sorts of Celebrities, including Harrison Ford, are at the premiere. The writers then make a "Star Wars" joke when Han says to tell Han Solo, “Say hello, from Han.” But Max and Caroline lie, they are in the hotel room getting drunk and confess to their lie when Max doesn’t hang up the phone.

Caroline points to the phone and says, “We can never go back there,” and slams the phone off, disconnecting the diner cast on the other end of the line.

Sofie should go home

Max and Caroline drink from a pressed juice basket, a gift from Randy, as Caroline gets word that Jennifer Lawrence wants to talk about the role. This becomes the main focus of the rest of the episode. Burning sage, Sofie walks into the hotel room and she makes it known that she is still trying to get pregnant. She has a list of things to do, including meditation, and she also says that she needs to practice kindness. Sofie should go back to Oleg and the diner and let Max and Caroline have their adventure without her. Randy comes to see Max and he has to go to his client, Johnny Depp, who is causing trouble, so he can’t stay the night.

On top of that, his dog sitter quit. Next, Jennifer Lawrence gets harassed by Paparazzi and has to reschedule with Caroline, who can't catch a break. So Randy leaves and Bruno the dog is left with Caroline and Max. Caroline hopes to reschedule withJennifer Lawrence at Randy’s fancy house.

Caroline ponders Jennifer Lawrence

Caroline wonders ifJennifer Lawrence is the right actress to play her and Max and Caroline get a few moments to further solidify their friendship.

Certainly things are headed toward an unexpected path because we all thought a cupcake shop was the ultimate goal of our main cast members Max and Caroline, who are on a serious Hollywood diversion. Caroline seems just fine that someone the stature of Jennifer Lawrence is considering playing her on film, and Max is quickly content with a new boyfriend who has major connections in Hollywood.

Viewers have to wonder how Max and Caroline could ever go back to the diner after this adventure, and if they do will it pale in comparison? Settling back into a life where they barely sell enough cupcakes to stay in business is becoming depressing to watch.

Max likes Randy, calls him boyfriend

Sofie tells Caroline, "The world doesn't revolve around you, bitch!" but Caroline finally gets some promised FaceTime with Lawrence after contacting her managers. In the confusion, the dog Bruno gets loose. Max demands Caroline come find the dog and in the process almost admits to loving Randy, instead saying "Like," which is as close as Max can admit as love. Max worries that Randy will break up with her if she loses his dog.

WhenJennifer Lawrence does call Caroline, Max hangs up on Lawrence and they notice a strange man standing by the famous Hollywood sign. Bruno the dog runs over to Max and the strange man pulls a knife. Moments later, a helicopter and police take the man down, who is a wanted fugitive and neighbor of Randy.Jennifer Lawrence decides to pass on the movie, but Bruno is safe and Randy is happy. Caroline gets flowers from Sofie in an act of love and kindness, but ruins the illusion when she calls Caroline a "Bitch," because Sofie doesn't know how to be nice to anyone. Meanwhile, Max seems to be having the time of her life, despite Caroline's continued struggle.