If there’s one thing that everyone knows about Katy Perry other than the fact that she’s a very popular pop singer is this: she loves to make everything interesting. And that’s exactly what she plans on doing for this year’s Grammy Awards. But this time, it’s in a very nontraditional way.

The Glamour Award winning singer is currently planning on celebrating this year’s Grammy Awards by not going, instead throwing a pre-Grammy party for artists, producers and songwriters. Oh, and did we mention Katy Perry plans on watching the Grammys in her pajamas, like a normal person?

Katy Perry plans on watching the Grammy Awards in her PJs

The singer was inspired to make this change because, according to an interview in People magazine, she always felt exhausted at the end of each awards show she attended. The artist also said that she just wanted to have the chance to feel authentic and connect with other artists on a personal level. Katy Perry is teaming up with otherwell-known artists such as Missy Elliot and Sia. Spotify, a popular music streaming service, is sponsoring the event.

Even artists such as Adele and Taylor Swift, who have withheld their music from Spotify, are invited to Perry’s big night. Although Perry and Swift have had issues with each other recently, she got an invite.

The fact that Perry was willing to invite Swift shows just how much she wants to help other artists connect on a personal level.

Currently working on a new album

Perry also said that she is currently in the early stages of creating her next album. After taking a little bit of time away from the spotlight, Perry said she likes to do all of her albums in the traditional span of three years.

With that being said, fans of the artist can expect her next album to come out around the spring of 2018.

Considering the fact thatPerry has attendedthe Grammy Awards eight years in a row, it’s understandable why she wants to spend this year’s Grammys in the comfort of her own home. Everyone needs a little bit of time to themselves every once in a while.

Rock on, Katy Perry and enjoy the soup!

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