The actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens will be the next main character in the new production Powerless, which will air on NBC.Hudgens, who's still being remembered for her role as Gabriella Montez in the first two movies of the musical trilogy High School Musical, now will have the opportunity to be the protagonist in NBC’s new primetime show.

"Powerless" will be a production which will happen in the DC Comics’ universe and will focus on the normal people’s routine -- ones who do not have any superpowers and are directly affected by the superheroes' actions in their city.

Vanessa Hudgens will be Emily Locke, an insurance company worker who administrates the policies of those who are affected by the heroic action of the super powerful ones. A new side to be focused on in the superheroes stories, those who are protected against the biggest threats in the universe, but have their homes, cars, and properties destroyed. This will be aDC Comics’ project which will explore another aspect of the genre.

Hudgens lost father to cancer

Vanessa Hudgens can now focus on work after losing her father, Greg Hudgens, on January 30th to cancer. One day after the death of her dad, the actress starred in a musical special on FOX. She represented Betty Rizo in a musical show dedicated to the 1978’s movie, "Grease." For Hudgens, being back to work one day after her tragic loss was a way to demonstrate that she's not a person who can be defeated easily and she dedicated her performance in the show to her dad.

The actress has had her fair share of controversy over the years, and, on February 22nd, the actress and her mother, Gina Hudgens, caused some controversy when she posted a selfie photo at the cemetery where her father is buried. In the photo, both are with a smiling face, what for some people could be considered as a huge disrespect.

Perhaps it's their way of mourning and celebrating a life that was near and dear to them both.

At the very least, this new series will give the singer and actress something else to focus on, and it'll give viewers something new to watch.