Meryl Streep hasnever reallyconsidered retiring! But only from the silver screen. Her retirement plan, according to various news sources is for her to keep working forever. When someone is the best of the best, it is a line I love to hear! No retirement in the future, but a real plan to have a life balance. With 4 children, Meryl has spent her time with her family and helping them grow and then it was time to get back to her passion of acting.

Meryl goes beyond just the movies, she is involved with the National Women's History Museum as a start and has championed many other causes.

She has been a part of Actors Fund of America, Stand Up to Cancer, The Rainforest Foundation, Women in the World Foundation, just to name a few.

As for retirement, her plan is to keep going and keep contributing while enjoying family life.

Where do you stand when it comes to planning your retirement? Are you dedicated to your family to a point where you are willing to put your career on hold? Does your business move forward even when you are not in the lead? A great business should allow you to take sabbaticals without harming the income level. The issue with most small businesses is the fact that they are overly dependent on you to get he work done. Yes, Meryl Streep is her own brand but she truly works towards providing her name to other areas which n turn keeps her in the limelight.

Because she is so great in her career choice, taking a leave has no real affect on her decisions.

Can your business sustain the same? If you answered yes, then you are doing all the right things. A business must have a true succession plan whether you retire or just take time away. Set up time to review your revenue streams, place a list of resources that are involved in that stream (just as you would when you manage a project), figure out how much time you are dedicating to each area and then decide of how you could eclipse yourself from the project through another resource.

Learn from Meryl Streep, put yourself in a position where your business does not really need you, just your passion. Only then will you truly succeed.