A new animation is coming to Netflix. Based on Guillermo Del Toro’s book, the series will tell the tale of two human friends who find out about the existence of a secret society of trolls. Secret society because it’s a full society hidden from the common world, and we're talking about magical creatures here, not men in their forties trying to make people feel bad on the internet.Even so, this could potentially be a great move for children.

Del Toro’s writing takes the reader seriously, and Netflix tends to produce great epics, such as House of Cards, Narcos, and Jessica Jones.

So, we are looking to a very deep history to make children fall in love with the characters.

The original Trollhunters

The project started almost six years ago, when, in 2010, Del Toro started producing with Dream Works a movie of the same name.

Time went by and now the animation studio signed on for continuous collaboration with Netflix, which means we’re going to get a lot of Netflix-exclusive content created by Dream Works. This is a good thing, especially if you consider the possibilities a TV series offers for character explorations in comparison to a single film.

The Trollhunters novel was released in 2015, co-written by Daniel Kraus, and the series should follow that general blueprint.

The plot

Trollhunters is a history about two friends, the humans Jim Sturges and Tubby who discover that trolls are actually real and eventually are forced to explore their world and society. After finding out about a long forgotten secret, Jim must join forces with others who are interested in his old town’s protection and battle the very real troll threat.

In a very nightmarish journey, the storytelling abilities of Del Toro and Kraus tell us about trolls and other threats not unlike the ones present in the life of a young middle-school nerd student such as an over protective father, gym class, never being noticed by the girl of his dreams, and so on.

The TV series will most likely premier in 2016, and we’re looking forward to its development.