A while ago, when it was announced that Wonder Woman would make her debut in the Batman vs Superman movie, there wasn’t many things we knew about the role – for instance, we had no idea if she would be a supporting character or what importance she’d have in the overall plot. However, recently, the Batman vs Superman trailer was released, and, even though the main focus of the movie is the two superheores, many fans and critics have noted the presence of the Amazon warrior.

With Gal Gadot playing the superheroine, the movie will reportedly take place in two eras: one during the First World War (when, according to sources, Wonder Woman will meet Steve Trevor for the first time), and another during modern years.

The overall storyline will be based in modern times with flashbacks frequently occurring throughout.

Some rumors suggest Circe will be the antagonist – along with Ares – and she’ll be transforming into Chimera at the end of the movie. Other rumors suggest that Batman may do a cameo in the new production. The flashbacks are also set to show how Ares was defeated by Diana for the first time. No names were released, but word is Eva Green and Sean Bean are in talks to play the roles.

Warner also oficially announced the cast of the movie, that also has names such as Robin Wright (House of Cards), Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Ewen Bremner, Saïd Taghmaoui, Elena Anaya, and Lucy Davis.

On January 19th, after the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, the new trailer for Suicide Squad will be displayed, and a preview of Wonder Woman will also be included in the lineup.

In addition, the material presented by Kevin Smith, entitled DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League, will show more details about the movie's team of heroes.

Wonder Woman will be produced by Charles Roven, Zack Snyder, and Deborah Snyder. Richard Suckle, Stephen Jones, Wesley Coller, Geoff Johns, and Rebecca Roven will be the executive producers.

Ultimately, it'll be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Marvel has beaten DC in the last few years when it comes to turning their iconic characters into marketable, profitable films, so, one can only wonder if this latest push by DC to capitalize on the big screen market will turn into blockbusters or busts.