Michael J Wells: Age / height / dress size?

Kaylee Lynn Dey: 21 / 5'9 / 4.

MW: Hometown?

KD: Gilbert, Arizona.

MW: Briefly describe your childhood.

KD: I've always been involved in dance and gymnastics since I could walk, did club volleyball part of elementary school and through junior high, and cheerleading in high school. I've always loved performing in front of big crowds and challenging myself. I was always the wild artistic one in my family as well, which I think lead me to want to do modeling in the first place!

MW: Describe your modeling experience.

KD: I decided to get into modeling after I had my son when I was 19. I wanted to prove that you could still be sexy even after having kids. I summited head shots to any agency that would look at them, and was denied again and again and again. The agency I am with now actually declined me twice before accepting me! I just never took no for an answer, so I went out and booked my own jobs, networked with some really talented people, and continued to gain experience and practice.

MW: What type / genre of modeling do you prefer, and why?

KD: Runway scares me sometimes, though I would really love to try it. I try to do it all so that I'm well rounded (promotional, commercial print, fashion, etc.). My favorite shoots are ones that have a back story to them.

I love being able to transform into a totally different character and really portray the concept of the shoot by having to express and connect with different emotions.

MW: What keeps you motivated about modeling?

KD: My son. I want him to be proud and inspired by what I do. I want to use my talent to also inspire other woman and young girls.

Modeling has been a great way for me to express a whole lots of words in just a single picture.

MW: Favorite models / inspiration?

KD: Tyra Banks! I remember watching her talk show and 'Next Top Model' as a little kid. I always loved how humble and real she was, yet so successful. I think she really changed the world of modeling.

MW: You’ve recently launched a “healthy cooking” site, correct?

KD: It's not ALL healthy foods, but I do post a lot of healthy things on there. I actually have a degree in Culinary Arts and that was what I wanted to do with my life, but when I became pregnant and had my son, I couldn't juggle a full time restaurant job and being a single mom, so I decided to start up my own blog. Now I can do what I love but not work 80 plus hours a week!

MW: Funniest moment you can currently remember?

KD: I guess something recent was that last week on my way to get my hair and makeup done for a shoot, someone rear ended me, but I couldn't really get out of my car since all I was wearing was a robe with no makeup or hair done, so rather than going outside on the side of the freeway to check my car, I just stuck my head out the window and told him, "it's ok, you can just go!".

Now that I think about it, I still don't think I've checked my car!

MW: Favorite charity?

KD: I am a complete sucker for animals. Any charity that has to do with helping animals has my support! Ever since becoming a mom, Charities that help children have also been close to my heart, along with ones that support the military.

MW: Most rewarding experience or moment?

KD: I obviously have to say giving birth right? Besides that, seeing my face on the cover of my first magazine this past weekend was very rewarding!

MW: Best advice you’ve ever received?

KD: "Life is full of seasons". I've learned not to get too caught up in my current situations, because life is constantly changing and we never know what tomorrow has in store.

MW: Any last thoughts for fashion readers?

KD: I just want all you ladies to keep on rocking all these one pieces and high waisted jeans! They're super flattering and still really sexy (and because I don't want any of those things to ever go out of fashion!)

You can follow Kaylee on Instagram (@kaylee_dey), Twitter (@kaylee_dey) or her facebook page (Kaylee Dey).

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