Thousands of copies of the album "25" are being sold daily in the USA, so it’s not surprising that it has become the most successful album of the past four years. Only Adele’s second album, 21, released in 2011, was more successful.As experts expected, Adele’s third album is on top of the American sales list. It’s been on the top of Billboard 200’s list for four weeks with a huge advantage ahead of the others. But how big is the advantage? For example, there was a week when more copies were sold than of the other 100 albums altogether which follow it on the list.

Since its debut on November 20th, the singer managed to sell six million copies in the USA, more precisely 5.98 million according to Nielsen Music’s database. Even those people can regard it very respectable who don’t follow Adele’s work or simply don’t like her music.By this, she has overtaken Taylor Swift’s album titled 1989 (of which 5.57 million copies have been sold so far). So Adele’s album could become the most successful one of the past four years. We speak of only four years because Adele released her second album in 2011(with 11.37 millions copies currently sold.

In conclusion, Adele’s albums, 21 and 25 have been the most successful albums in the USA since 2008. The next “level” is also an album of Taylor Swift, titled Fearless, which has sold 7 million copies in the USA since 2008.Speaking of numbers, it must be mentioned that Adele’s new album is so outstanding also because since 2004 there hasn’t been such a high number of copies sold within a calendar year, even though it was released only in November.

Usher’s album "Confessions" sold 7.98 million copies in 2004.

The sales of 25 in the USA since its release:

  • Week 1: 3.38 million (Billboard 200 #1)
  • Week 2: 1.1 million (Billboard 200 #1)
  • Week 3: 695 thousand (Billboard 200 #1)
  • Week 4: 790 thousand (Billboard 200 #1)

According to Mediatraffic, nearly 10 million copies of 25 were sold within the first 3 weeks, so it'll be interesting to see the kinds of numbers the album ultimately pulls in.