The insanely sensual tequila-sprinkling striptease scene with a python that has become one of the trademarks of Salma HayekinFrom Dusk Till Dawn is the absolute best one in Robert Rodriguez’s horror-parody. An ambitious Mexican actress recreated Hayek’s performance, and we can state that her show wasn’t worse than the original.

Once we announced that the sexiest striptease scene of all time was that of the fantastic vampire woman’s with a gorgeous name: Santánico Pandemónium. Salma Hayek impersonated her for Quentin Tarantino and a whole Mexican bar’s pleasure.

Hayek’s sensual hip movements and dangerously seductive look are inimitable, but the movie’s director, Robert Rodriguez was not afraid to recreate the legendary scene.

It’s in a TV series as he directed one titled From Dusk Till Dawn, in one of the episodes in which he invited Santánico Pandemónium back to the stage. A young Mexican actress, Eiza González got the role, whose body is incredible. There’s no doubt that González’s figure, hair, and Latin beauty guaranteed her the role. But does her show reach the level of the original legendary performance’s sensuality?

Rodriguez raised the stakes as he shows the vampire woman naked even before the striptease scene who is getting out of a relaxing bloodbath before going on the stage.

The feather headdress, the jewellery, and the bikini are all the same, but the actress afraid of reptiles has two snakes on her neck. González’s show was completed with some pole dance for the sake of modernity, and the tequila-sprinkling closing also happens.

Salma Hayek slowly went to Tarantino who was staring at her, and sprinkled tequila on her thighs then put her foot into the man’s mouth, then as she finished she pushed off the man’s head, and the tension reached its climax.

Unfortunately, the master didn’t appear in the series, and González’s foot didn’t land in his mouth either, which surprisingly spoils the value of the scene. But the absence of George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, and Juliette Lewis peeping from behind Hayek’s back during her dance might also be disturbing.

In conclusion, we should remember the name of the 26-year-old Eiza González who became famous in her homeland with a soap opera titled Amores Verdaderos.

The beautiful actress started acting school at the age of thirteen, then she studied in New York, and she can’t talk about concrete movie plans yet but she told that her career had started in the USA as well, and there would be a lot of interesting work ahead of her in 2016.