Billy Eichner tested in his show if Chris Pratt, the actor, is as charming in real life as he is in the cinema. The results are terrible as the well-known star could walk as an average person. (Or at least we can know this about the handsome star in the cinema) Chris Pratt acted in movies like Wanted, Bride Wars and the groundbreaking Guardians of the Galaxy, and in one of the movies with the most income of the year, Jurassic World – yet people don’t recognize him.

Earlier, Pratt acted in the sitcom Parks and Recreation along with Billy Eichner, who is currently running a game show titled Billy on the Street in which he tests the pop-cultural knowledge of people in the streets of New York.

And not a long ago one of his former colleagues was the guest of his show.

The star didn’t have to do anything else but follow Eichner who was running on the streets like an insane man. Then he had to charmingly say hello to the victims. Disappointing as it is, very few people realized that they were standing in front of Chris Pratt. From twelve people only one could recognize the star.

Most of them had no idea who was smiling at them – they couldn’t tell it even when the presenter offered them money. There were some who thought Pratt was an actor but said Chris Evans’s name or believed that they were shaking hand with Josh Duhamell. Although Pratt behaved very nicely in the video, the presenter Billy Eichner stole the show from him.

However, the show is not far from Pratt either, where he might appear. Earlier he visited a children’s hospital in Seattle with his friendChris Evans (who impersonated Captain America) and surprised the little patients there. For instance, they were having fun with a little boy waiting for transplantation, but they were also very charismatic with two little girls: they surprised them with Star-Lord toys (Pratt impersonated him in the Guardians of The Galaxy).

And Evans looked like he had just arrived from the shooting of a superhero movie as he was wearing his uniform known from Captain America movies and Avengers. Besides cheering the sick kids they collected more than twenty-seven thousand dollars of donation for the mentioned hospitals’ foundations.