With a year-long hiatus likely in the works for the British boy band One Direction, band memberNiall Horan seems to have figured out a way to keep his band mates in his heart while they go their separate ways and explore solo career options. The Irish singer plans to get a tattoo to commemorate his love for One Direction.

According to the British newspaper Mirror, Niall Horan wants to gethis first tattoo, since he's been the only member of the mega popular band that doesn't have any marks on the skin, butwhen he does get inked for the first time, itwill be very special.

In an interview, the young Irishman revealed that the tattoo will be a "dedication to the band." For the singer, this may be a way to camouflage how much he will miss his best friends Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles while they're apart in 2016.

"I know I will miss them so much," Niall said to Fabulous magazine. For this reason and anticipating missing his colleagues, the blonde boy from One Direction will get a tattoo before the break. The purpose of Niall with this first tattoo is to mark on his skin the deep connection he created with the remaining members of the band over thethe course of their five years together.

"I’m going to brand myself with that one and it will remind me of the lads so they’ll be with me wherever I go,” said Niallduring a veryemotional interview, where he was revealing once again the close relationship that the young singers maintain.

One Direction band members' tattoo history

Among the elements of One Direction, Niall was the one who hadn't any tattoo on the body. Unlike his bandmates, the young Irishman had been resisting the urge to get inked. He always wished to tattoo something special and not just to be funny and a thing that "everybody likes."

At this point, Niall differs a lot from Louis Tomlinson, who once told Teen Voguethat "many of them [his tattoos] actually have any meaning.

I just like to look at them." Harry Styles is also addicted to tattoos and he swears he hadnine tattoos done in just ten months. Liam Payne made a feather in his right arm, which is a reference to his grandmother, while the words beneath are a One Direction song lyric.