They have been together for the past months, despite some cons, mostly from her family. Kylie Jenner and Tyga will make it official, when the brunette girl turns 18-years-old. although the rapper, 25, and father of a baby boy with Blac Chyna, wasn't the favorite person in the Kardashian-Jenner family. As time passes, their romance is getting stronger and there are plans for marriage... when she gets a bit older.

At least, that's Tyga's idea. The musician really wants to take the next step with the newest of the Kardashian family, according to a source who told E!

News. Increasingly in love, the couple wants to formalize the relationship, but they understand the age difference between them and they will wait for Kylieto mature a bit before the big step. "Tyga wants to marry Kylie eventually. They discussed it later down the line once Kylie gets a bit older," said the insider.

The couple have been thinking about some points of the big day, which should happen in the future, but not for now. The source also said that Tyga's very kind with her and he's getting super close with Kylie's family: "He loves hanging with them."

Although the marriage is still far in the future, Kylie already has everything prepared in her imagination. According to newspaper Mirror, the Reality TV star will wear a Balmain dress on the big day.

Caithlyn Jenner would walk her down the aisle and her sister Kendall will be her maid of honor, ending rumors that have spread saying the two weren't close friends anymore.

After the storm: Everything's OK between the Jenner sisters

Kylie and Kendall, 20, are in Australia to promote their Forever New clothing brand Down Under.

After the biggest fight ever between siblings at theKeeping Up With The Kardashians, everything seems to be settledas they hang together at Sidney.

After the big fight, there's a moment when Kendall tells Kylie she wishes they could spend more time together. The answer comes on this Monday, when Kylie posted a picture with the caption: "I'll always be here for you my sister."