The second episode of American Horror Story has finally arrived and after watching 'Chutes and Ladders' we believe that the series still hasn’t found its full potential after last week's premiere.


  • Series regular Evan Peters finally makes his appearance after last season's terrible lobster boy character. Ryan Murphy rewardsthe actor with a much better role with murder fetishist and millionaire James Patrick Marsh.

The character is a non-apologetic murder villain, revealing that this season big evil isn’t the Lady Gaga character (The Countess) but Mr.

Marsh, who is revealed to be the creator of the Hotel, specifically designed by him to murder his victims and easily dispose the bodies.

His murderous mid coitus sex scene is truly shocking in comparison to the vampire Lady Gaga-Matt Bomer blood orgy from last week episode or this episode bloody threesome with handsome bearded man from Grindr.Expect many horrible things from this character who is completely pure evil. His maid Miss Eversis hilariouslyfunnyand disturbing at the same time.

Did anyone else catch the clue on who Mr. Marsh wife is? I think it was pretty obvious but I’m going to let that one sit out for a bit and hear it from you in the comments section.

  • Sarah Paulson's character also has one of the most disturbing scenes of the episode in which she gruesomely chews her own teeths into a bloody mess in order to scare the detective daughter.

I also loved the scene between her and the detective when she is crying for maybe sorrow or maybe joy from the terrible back story of the detective.

I also enjoy the very hilarious moment in which she was denied the entrance to the fashion show.


  • Chloe Sevigny detective’s wife role is going from bad to worst with a painfully boring scene in which she visits the house of a wealthy housewife and her sick kid. She seriously ends up giving a speech on why is the woman's fault that the kid has the measles. The whole moment feel pointless, is just boring and again a perfect example of bad casting for Chloe who was brilliant in season 2.
  • A fashion show in the middle of Hotel Cortez, seriously? It's a fun idea but not for a season that according to the creators is supposed to be the scariest season yet (has anyone else seen the very funny Vine aboutthat? If not totally check it out).

The Fashion show introduces us to Naomi Campbell who is only there to look good and the Finn Wittrock character who is a junkie model Dandy 2.0 onlyfar less entertaining but still equally spoiled and with aconstant ’I’m bored’’ face.

  • The vampire kids continue to be horrible and not in a good kind of way.The child actor playing the detective simply looks like he is about to fall asleep all the time. There is a big difference between a good scary kid in a horror movie and a boring one; the best example is to compare brilliant Damien from The Omen (1976) to the boring Damien from the remake (2006). Apparently the boring vampire kids' only purpose in the story is to feed the Lady Gaga character and to annoy the audience.

Bonus commentary

  • Max Greenfield's character is still alive, Lady Gaga is still basically playing herself, Matt Bomer was replaced for wanting to binge watch TV shows and Kathy Bathes and Denis O'Hare are still being underused

Overall the episode was good but it failed to move the story forward in an addictive and interesting way. There are no cliffhanger moments that make me wish for next week episode.Hopefully episode 3 will be a much better one.