Blood. Why do we love it so? We love it so long as it’s not our own and consists of ingredients made up by the prop master or makeup artist.Over time action movies, regular TV (and sadly the world’s real life crime) have upped the ante on bloodyiness, cable even more so.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Robert Rodriguez fans know that he brings the blood. Those who remember seeing the big screen version know what a cult favorite that movie became. This takes us further into the mythical world of a Mexico of criminals where they and their victims die in the most violent, blood-filled and creative ways.

For example, in the first season of this El Rey Network show we see a gooey, torn hand and arm served up at a dinner table on a silver platter. This is sushi body parts, no cooking, just raw. The second season opened with a scene in a meat-packing plant as women cut bloody (what else?) meat.

From Dusk Till Dawn is a 'fangster chronicle'," says one of its stars, Esai Morales. "I think it’s an analogy of a very dangerous world in real life," he adds. "Blood is what we all share and without blood there isn’t any life. Basically blood has an energy that is not fully understood yet, which is why it is so coveted by the occult and other secret cabals or groups. I've heard that it has incredible properties and characteristics.

I've also heard if you take blood samples and separate it from the person and that person undergoes something therapeutic, that the blood in that sample far away will also show signs of that effect. It’s fascinating. So I say ok, there is something deeper here than meets the eye."

Fear The Walking Dead

This AMC spin-off show got 13.3 million viewers with 8.5 million of those in the 18-49 category when it debuted in late August, according to Deadline Hollywood.

It's a prequel to The Walking Dead, telling the story of how it all started, until survivors are sieged into a small community. Cue the music as mom senses something is wrong and shuts the windows while down the street shuffles something vaguely resembling a flea-bitten baked-over human zombie coming to chew them.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Eighties-era fans of cartoon violence loved the Sam Raimi cult movies starring the acerbic Bruce Campbell. Now Ash is reborn with a few changes when it debuts the first of 10 half-hour episodes on October 31st (Halloween) on Starz. Sexy Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice) as Ash is now middle-aged, just a little less sexy than he probably thinks he is and still a boy at heart, but he’s about to grow up because the Deadite monsters are back. Ash has to face his past and a new enemy in Ruby (Lucy Lawless), a woman who believes heis the cause of the whole evil Deadite problem. “The fans have driven all of this,” said Campbell at the TCA Summer Press Tour. “They’ve been relentless for years.

The last Evil Deadmovie we shot was 24 years ago. We shot Army of Darkness. [The fans] haven’t shut up since.”

If you haven’t seen any of the ‘Evil Dead’ movies, maybe one should Netflix, Amazon or rent a few. (Army of Darkness is coming out on Blu-Ray this month) There’s an angry molesting tree in the film that leaves no body un-bloodied.

Into The Badlands

Debuts on AMC November 15th, from Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, the creators of Smallville. Producers Stacy Sher and Michael Shamberg were also producers on two Tarantino films, Pulp Fiction and D’Jango Unchained.

The time is in the future, the American Midwest is now a bunch of fields controlled by seven rival barons who have managed to snare all the things needed to survive and live a comfortable life.

They guard it with assassins trained from childhood. Itrelies heavily on martial arts in sword scenes that are reminiscent of Once Upon A Time in China. A neck is twisted all the way around; sword play is a dance with the sword usually landing in a body and blood spurting out. Just another day in the blood zone.