A few days ago, the Panthers released Cam Newton as they signed Teddy Bridgewater to a three year, $63 million deal to be their new starting QB. While they could've kept Cam as a backup, they decided that he was too costly and that he wasn't worth it so they released him instead.

When he was still a member of the Panthers, the Panthers' front office did try and trade him but found no takers. With his release, he is now a free agent and wouldn't cost draft picks to trade him. He's also not tied to draft pick compensation which makes him free of any hurdles that may cause teams to pause on the thought of bringing him aboard.

Multiple injuries have prevented Newton from performing to his best but when he's healthy, he's one of the better signal-callers in the league. Newton has thrown for 29 041 yards over nine seasons where he averages 7.3 yards a throw, 232.3 yards a game with a completion rate of 59.6 percent and 182 touchdowns. Newton is also known to run the ball himself quite a bit as he has amassed 4806 rushing yards for an average of 5.1 yards a run and 58 rushing touchdowns. He had his best season in 2015-16 where he won MVP and led the Panthers to a Super Bowl appearance. He has been named to the Pro Bowl three times in his career.

There are some teams in the league that are in need of a QB. With Newton being the best option available, teams in need of a QB shouldn't hesitate to sign him to a contract.

Here are the teams that he could find himself with next season.

New England Patriots

The Patriots just lost their franchise QB to free agency as Tom Brady opted not to return to Foxborough and signed with the Buccaneers. Currently, the plan is to start Jarrett Stidham who was the Pats fourth-round pick of last year's draft. With the Patriots still having the resources to make the playoffs again, it wouldn't be a bad idea for Bill Belichick to give control of the offense to Newton who would have Julian Edelman, Mohamed Sanu and N'Keal Harry as his weapons while playing in front of a strong O-line.

New England would also be an ideal fit for Newton as well because of his injuries, specifically his shoulder. When Brady was the QB, Edelman often didn't go too far down the field and he can do the same for Newton. One thing that Brady excels at is throwing the ball short and letting his receivers and running backs do the rest.

One player that Brady often targeted in these situations was Rex Burkhead and with Newton, he can play a similar role. Also, he would be able to play in front of a strong O-line that can protect him from sacks and hits which would help prevent injuries.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are a possible surprise contender for the upcoming season and they can solidify that by signing Newton. With the Dolphins holding the fifth overall pick and in need of a QB, the plan is to select Tua Tagavoila but he's coming off a major hip injury and has just been getting healthy. If the Dolphins sign Newton and select Tua, they could have Newton be the QB for the 2020-21 season and have Tua learn from Cam. If the Dolphins find themselves as a serious contender, they can keep Newton for the whole season and hope to make the playoffs but if they find themselves out of the playoff picture, they can flip Newton to a contender for picks and have Tua take the reigns once Cam is out of South Beach.

Los Angeles Chargers

If the season were to start today, the Chargers would have Tyrod Taylor as their QB1 which isn't ideal. Taylor hasn't been the primary quarterback on his team since his time with the Bills as he's since been relegated to backup duties. If Cam were to come to LA, he would form a nice offensive core of himself, Austin Ekeler, Hunter Henry and Keenan Allen. In the case that Cam gets back to his MVP form or close to it, it would put more fans in the seats in LA which attendance has been a problem for the Chargers since their relocation from San Diego.

Dallas Cowboys

Right now, the Cowboys don't have starting QB Dak Prescott under contract due to him wanting more than the Cowboys are offering.

The offer is believed to be $33 million a year but Prescott has rejected it in hopes of getting more as he's reportedly aiming to get closer to $40 million a year. If Prescott continues and a contract isn't worked out closer to the season start date, Prescott could holdout until he gets what he feels he's worth which would make the Cowboys in need of a quarterback. They could entice Newton to play for arguably the most popular franchise in the world in hopes that he can lead the Cowboys to the playoffs. Dallas would be an ideal situation for Newton as he would have a star RB in Ezekiel Elliott, a star receiver in Amari Cooper and a strong O-line that consists of Pro Bowl guard Zack Martin to protect him.

San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo isn't the most consistent of quarterback and for those that come with the argument that they made the Super Bowl, that's largely in part due to the 49ers defense and running back depth. If Newton signs with the 49ers, he would have to go in the understanding that he would start off as the backup. But if Garoppolo struggles to produce, Kyle Shanahan can hand the offense to Newton in which the 49ers would be given a fresh start. They can entice Newton to sign in San Francisco by making him a high paid backup with a winning culture.