The strategies of former vice president Joe Biden paid off in the second Super Tuesday in Michigan. He overtook Bernie Sanders, who had hopes of repeating the performance of 2016 when he defeated Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the Vermont senator had to concede the round to his rival. Biden notched up impressive wins to move ahead in the race for the Democratic Party nomination to take on Donald Trump.

The former vice president has recast his priorities and remodeled his strategies to create a powerful coalition of people who matter. They include African Americans, suburbanites and rural white voters who have the power to make things happen.

That paid dividends. These groups used to back Bernie Sanders earlier but have changed sides. They probably felt that backing Biden would help their party to offer a formidable challenge to Trump and deny him a second term.

CNN says Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will meet again Sunday night in Arizona. It would be yet another debate and the Vermont senator would have to put up a good show in order to seize back the initiative.

There are the primaries next week in states that he lost in 2016. That would be preying on his mind. On top of that, there would be the effect of coronavirus with little or no gathering of supporters. These are a few factors that could make his journey ahead more difficult. Right now, Joe Biden appears to be holding all the aces.

Joe Biden wants to challenge Trump

The former vice president Joe Biden realized that he had to get the support of the young voters apart from suburban and white working-class voters. His influence with African American voters was evident in Missouri and Michigan. That would help the Democratic Party to emerge victorious against the Republicans in November.

Biden admitted after the Super Tuesday that his focus is now on the final round namely the general election.

On the subject of Bernie Sanders, CNN says he had delivered his best night of the 2016 primary in Michigan. At that time, he had ousted Hillary Clinton in the nomination race. However, that did not happen in 2020, and Biden could beat him to the winning post. Michigan this time was a disappointment for Sanders. He had readjusted his schedule to devote more time in Michigan because he felt it was "the most important state." However, he does not intend to drop out of the race and is ready for the next debate on Sunday night.

Sanders wanted to win Michigan but Joe Biden denied it

According to Vox, Super Tuesday 2 saw Joe Biden closing in on the Democratic nomination for president. He won Michigan comfortably by a huge margin. He had already won Missouri and Mississippi, and these have helped him to cement his place in the race. Bernie Sanders has very little chance of recovering lost ground in the 2020 race. They will meet for the first one-on-one debate on March 15 and it could be the last chance for Sanders to redeem himself.

Vox says Joe Biden has a clear advantage after he overtook Bernie Sanders. His win in Michigan was the result of a strong showing of suburban voters who combined with the black voters to script Biden’s wins.

It seems these suburban voters had crafted the win for Democrats in the midterm elections. Incidentally, the coronavirus threat played spoilsport with the 2020 campaign. Both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden had to cancel several campaign events. Moreover, public health experts emphasized the necessity of maintaining social distancing. Obviously, there would be hesitation to shake hands and mingle with the crowds.

Confidence level high for Joe Biden

The Democratic Party race to get the nomination for the 2020 presidential election turned up many surprises. First was the number of candidates from different professions. There were experienced ones as well as newcomers apart from women. As the process gained momentum, the number of hopefuls kept reducing. It is now a toss-up between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.