I think it is safe the say that the Toronto Maple Leafs have seen enough of Michael Hutchinson. The team made the decision on Monday, November 11 to waive Hutchinson after his fifth straight loss to start the season on Sunday, November 10. It is expected that Kasimir Kaskisuo will join the club for now. Another back-to-back looms this weekend for the Maple Leafs. Hutchinson has yet to record a win for the Leafs this season, so it comes as no surprise that the Leafs placed him on waivers. I think it is safe to say that Auston Matthews has been one of the best things for the Toronto Maple Leafs while Hutchinson has been the worst.

Maple Leafs pull the plug on Hutchinson

Hutchinson had a rough game against the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday, November 10th with five goals against, which showcased his persistent struggles this season. Less than 12 months ago, Kasimir Kaskisuo was performing so poorly for the Marlies that it forced the Leafs to bring Michael Hutchinson in to replace him. Hutchinson has been performing so poorly for the Leafs that they waived him to call up Kaskisuo.

Hutchinson has given the Leafs many reasons to question his value as a backup goalie, hence why they have placed him on waivers. He has continued to showcase shaky starts for the Leafs costing them games. Kasimir Kaskisuo, who’s 6-1-1 with a .928 save percentage and a 2.13 goals-against average this year in the AHL, has been recalled.

The Leafs simply couldn't wait for Hutch to find his form. I think the Maple Leafs were hoping Michael Hutchinson would have played a bit like their former backup goalie Curtis McElhinney.

Michael Hutchinson's job was to stop the puck and he was obviously not doing that by having consistent games with allowing five goals. It is safe to say that other goalies do their jobs better than he does.

There are obviously better options out there for the Maple Leafs. Whenever Michael Hutchinson played for the Leafs the very bad defense for the Toronto Maple Leafs was fully and completely exposed. Such an extraordinarily porous first period against the Chicago Blackhawks showed that Hutchinson had to go. Hutchinson's poor performance this season was showcased through a 0-4-1 GAA 4.44 Save% 879 in his last five starts this season. Do you think it is unfair by the Leafs to waive Michael Hutchinson? Or is it unfair for the Leafs to continue losing with Michael Hutchinson?

It is unfortunate to say that for the Leafs history has repeated itself. Leafs goalies with 0 wins in their first six first appearances of a season were Jonathan Bernier in 2015-16, Jhonas Enroth in 2016-17 and now Michael Hutchinson in the 2019/2020 season.