The red hot singer and fan-favorite Khalid dropped a new single called "Up All Night." The release came on November 14 according to Variety. And, it's getting a lot of hype on social media. The song, conveying a bittersweet feeling, surprised a lot of people. For example, when you listen to it you can feel uplifted but then also a little melancholic. It's been described as a "mellow track" by Billboard. What makes Khalid so unique is that he is able to produce such eccentric songs. The sound, rhythm, beat, genre, and tone of his songs are different.

Khalid is associated, as a singer, with multiple genres such as R&B, pop, hip-hop, and soul. This is represented through his Music and through his new single "Up All Night."

Lyrics speak to mental health

As mental health continues to be a huge topic that affects millions of people we are seeing more artists talking about mental health in their songs. The lyrical content in Khalid's song speaks out about mental health in the second verse,

"So I'ma light it up, I'm getting high (So high)

Ask me how I am, I'm getting by (Getting by the minute)

But I'm thankful that I'm still alive (Alive)

Cause there's so much more I'm left to find."

There are references to gratitude and being grateful for what we have is something that helps with anxiety.

In addition, the song talks of getting by, which is how many people describe what it's like to live with a mental health disorder. You breathe in during the tough times and try to take it day by day and breath by breath. Living inside your head is never easy when you have a mental health disorder and Khalid reinforces this in his song.

In the chorus, he mentions that thoughts are keeping him up all night and this is common with anxiety and depression. A racing mind can keep you up all night leading to many sleepless nights.

Relatable song

People don't realize how paralyzing and debilitating one's own thoughts can be when it comes to a mental health disorder.

Perhaps he will reach many people now that Khalid has spoken out and is raising awareness towards mental health. Hopefully, this allows people to not feel so alone. It is a song that people can relate to and it shows that artists and celebrities also struggle.

Khalid has quickly become a favorite artist of many listeners. He consistently has put out quality music and when we look back at the revival of R&B, it is important to note that Khalid played a big role in it. On social media, fans suggest the song is relatable and is a masterpiece. We all have things that bother us that can keep us up all night. Twitter has been filled with so many positive reviews on the song and fans agree that Khalid continues to make bangers with his hits.

The song allows you to feel a lot of different emotions. In fact, it has even led people to tears, they say.