The Nebraska football team lost their contest on Saturday. On Sunday, they won a battle on the recruiting front. Offensive lineman Henry Lutovsky announced he will be playing for the Huskers in the near future on Sunday afternoon. The question is, how big a get is this? What should you know about the latest commit? We've got you covered.

He continues a strong offensive line pipeline

Lutovsky won't be able to help the Nebraska football team next year. He's a member of the 2021 class. Still, his commitment continues what has been a heck of a run on the offensive line recruiting side.

There's a ton of young talent coming for offensive line coach Greg Austin. That young talent will be joining what is already here and what could be quite impressive in the next few years.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the Huskers have six true freshmen on the roster at offensive line. The Nebraska football team also has to highly touted prospects coming in for the 2020 class in four-star tackle Turner Corcoran and three-star Alex Conn. The Cornhuskers already had Teddy Prochazka slated to be arriving in the 2021 class and now Henry Lutovsky adds another big body to the list.

Nebraska football's big get is plenty big

When Scott Frost and staff arrived in Lincoln, one of the things they touched on the most was how much they wanted to have road graders up front again.

Mike Riley's offense relied much more on the pass, which in turn relied more on offensive linemen who were a bit more agile and able to stand people up, but not necessarily run them over. Frost's offense wants to push people off the line as much as possible.

The bodies that can do that are slowly and surely arriving. They started to show that ability on Saturday against Wisconsin.

Based on build alone, Lutovsky will be able to echo that kind of performance. The guard already stands 6-6 and weighs in at 320 pounds. He still has one more year of high school too.

Snagged out from under Georgia

Lutovksy hasn't been getting the most attention in the world lately, but the attention he has been getting is impressive.

The offensive guard has just four offers, but those offers are Power 5. In addition to the Nebraska football team, Iowa State Missouri and Georgia have all given Lutovsky official offers. Snagging a player out from under the nose of one of the best teams in the SEC has to be rewarding for the Huskers' coaching staff.

Already part of the family

The Nebraska football program prides itself on being a family and that was shown off on Sunday afternoon. Not long after Lutovsky announced he was headed to Lincoln, other Husker recruits made it clear how happy they were about the news. Turner Corcoran greeted the commit with "Welcome home brother!" on Twitter. Blaise Gunnerson simply tweeted out "Big Fella," and the man who will be coming to Lincoln in the same class, Teddy Prochazka tweeted "That’s my dawg right there congrats man!!!" at Lutovsky.