Lamar Jackson has shown that he is more than just a hyped quarterback. Jackson's popularity skyrocketed in 2018 as he led the Baltimore Ravens to the playoffs, during a season with the floundering Joe Flacco at the helm. Jackson only had John Brown and Michael Crabtree as his best receiver options. Jackson brought the Ravens to relevancy, proving his worth and what made him one of the most discussed college players for two seasons.

While Jackson has one of the league's best arms and rushing strength, critics still point to his lack of passing skill.

Many critics have been unfair towards him. It's not fair to analyze Jackson's work as Baltimore's quarterback with an offense that did not have any serious receiving weapons. Lamar still needs to prove his value to the critics. Baltimore has only made one upgrade to the offense when they drafted Marquise Brown.

Lamar Jackson has the skills to bring Baltimore back to relevancy

Even though Jackson's strong showing came against the lackluster Miami Dolphins, who appeared are working hard at earning the first pick of the 2020 NFL Draft in April, Jackson ended the game with a perfect passer rating while recording 324 passing yards and five touchdowns. He put up numbers that left the Dolphins in shock and was a historic performance by the sophomore quarterback.

Jackson put the postseason loss against the LA Chargers behind him and is focused towards continuing his strong performances as the season continues. The Baltimore Ravens have shown they are hungry for another postseason appearance

Lamar enters Week 2, looking solid and strong enough to help lead Baltimore to another postseason, even as the AFC North division getting stronger.

If Jackson can continue to throw bombs and stay calm under pressure, then the discussion will move towards Jackson as the 2020 MVP. While Jackson is definitely not a Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, the Ravens are putting their faith in a quarterback who doesn't have any strong offensive weapons, in contrast to Brady and Mahomes.

Lamar Jackson biggest winner of Week 1

Lamar is definitely the biggest winner of Week 1. He proved to the Baltimore Ravens, that he can be the player they need, just one year removed from their postseason run as the rookie replacement. SB Nation's Christian D'Andrea says Jackson hit the high marks by manhandling Miami's exhausted pass rush and throwing with pinpoint accuracy down the field.

Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer Jackson's historic performance was in part to good quarterbacking and not just his rushing skills. Jackson has become more of an experiment rather than just simply a curiosity.