Wide receiver Andre Hunt and tight end Katerian Legrone have been suspended from the Nebraska football team "indefinitely." The announcement came Wednesday morning, just days ahead of the Huskers' first game of the season.

The suspensions answered a couple of questions that had surfaced since the first depth chart was released. It also further stoked questions about just what is going on with Maurice Washington.

No explanation for suspensions

At this point, we do not know, and may never know why Hunt and Legrone were suspended. As a general rule, when Nebraska football comes down with this kind of ruling, the factors that contributed to it remain private.

Wide receiver's coach Troy Walters was the one to announce the two players were effectively off the team for the time being. He shed no light on what team rules had been broken. He also shed no light on what factors might play into their return.

The loss of Legrone is one the team can absorb a bit easier. While he was once considered a nice get for the Cornhuskers, he's been a non-factor in Lincoln. He wasn't expected to make a ton of noise on the depth chart this season either.

Andre Hunt, on the other hand, was a player some were excited to see play this season. He spent most of the spring and summer practicing with the first team offense. He then fell off the map once fall practice rolled on and wasn't listed on the two-deep when it was released on Monday.

It appears that whatever rules the redshirt freshman broke had hand in him being left off. Now we just wait and see if anything more comes to light about why the Nebraska football coaches decided to take this action.

What about Washington?

The most interesting tidbit about this announcement is the deafening silence around Maurice Washington.

He's listed as a co-starter on the newest depth chart but Huskers' head coach Scott Frost won't say if he's playing on Saturday.

The suspensions would seem to indicate that there was some meetings between the coaches in order to hand down this ruling for Hunt and Legrone. It seems unlikely Washington was completely ignored.

It's already been a bit weird to see the coaching staff sidestep questions as to whether their number one running back is going to see action in three days. The timing of this announcement makes it that much more strange.

At this point, the question as to just what is going into the deciding factor as to whether Washington will play needs to be asked. His next court date isn't until after opening day, so that isn't it. Who or what is going to be lead to a final decision? It seems as though we won't get any more news on his issue until Thursday at the earliest. It seems more likely we're not going to know until Saturday and that seems strange.