NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his team were hoping to avoid any controversy during the playoffs, but it turned out the Conference Championship Sunday was a nightmare for the NFL. For The Win reports fans, coaches, and players know that bad calls changed the destiny for the Saints and Chiefs.

Saints angry over missed calls costing them a trip to the Super Bowl

New Orleans head coach Sean Payton aired his frustration from the beginning, about the mistakes that kept his team from getting to the Super Bowl. The refs clearly missed a pass interference call in the Saints game against the Rams.

Los Angeles Rams DB Nickell Robey-Coleman ran into Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis before the pass even got to him. Coleman even committed a head-to-head against Lewis.

According to the Washington Post, the NFL's head of officials contacted Sean Payton and acknowledged his crew missed the PI call. Payton respected the call but admitted this will be something the Saints will forever remember. It's also a major blow to Drew Brees because this might be his last shot at getting to the Super Bowl.

Bad officiating haunted the Chiefs-Patriots game

The bad calls in the Chiefs-Patriots game weren't as clear as day, but they did alter the game's outcome. The refs reviewed several replays, but they got those ones right.

Chiefs fans believe that Patriots' Julian Edelman had a finger on a punt that bounced past him in the fourth quarter, but it was too close to call by the officials.

The worst call was in the fourth quarter and the officials called a roughing the passer against Chiefs' Chris Jones. The officials believe that he contacted Tom Brady's head, as he attempted to strip the ball.

However, replay reviews show he did not make contact with Brady's head and only made contact with Brady's arms. The call resulted in a 15-yard penalty, allowing New England to drive down the field for a touchdown, putting them ahead.

However, after that call, everyone knows there was a lot more excitement in the Chiefs-Patriots game.

The Chiefs wished they could replay the game from that point, possibly slowing down Brady and keeping him from securing a spot at the Super Bowl. However, it's also possible Tom Brady would still have created some magic and still won the game for the Patriots.

These missed calls and errors may cause people to lose interest in the game. While the Patriots and Rams may deliver a Super Bowl for the ages, many believe the Chiefs and Saints should be playing for the Lombardi trophy.