The Patriots and Chiefs AFC title game is set to become a classic matchup, complete with compelling storylines on the sidelines. Football fans expected to see the Chiefs take on the Patriots for round two after Brady and Company beat the Chiefs 43-40 in October. However, it's now an AFC Championship game that will become an NFL classic.

This time, Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City are hoping for a different ending. NFL reports that the first meeting between the two teams served as Mahomes' introduction to the country. Mahomes destroyed Bill Belichick's defense, leaving many in shock over Mahomes power.

However, Tom Brady and company responded back by demolishing the Chiefs defense and throwing 24-for-35 for 340 yards and a single touchdown. CBS Sports reported that league insiders knew that Kansas City would probably not be able to stymie the Patriots offense, but their inability to slow down the Patriots sent signals to the Chiefs that changes need to be made.

Chiefs are a different team since last meeting with Patriots

The biggest change between their first meeting and this championship match is the exit of Kareem Hunt from the Chiefs roster. He ended up rushing for 80 yards and caught five passes for 105 yards. The Chiefs offense has strengthened since that game. Andy Reid has had plenty of time to readjust his scheme to fit his current roster.

Winning this championship could do a lot to enhance Andy Reid's resume and legacy as a head coach. His struggles in the postseason are well documented. Knocking off the legendary Belichick and Brady in a high-profile meeting could do a lot to erase memories of his failures in past playoff appearances.

Beating Patriots is not an easy task in the playoffs

Outsmarting and outplaying New England will not be an easy task. The Patriots destruction of the Chiefs in their prior meeting shows that the Patriots are playing their best football right now. Belichick and company are definitely not intimidated by playing Patrick Mahomes and company.

However, the Chiefs could pull an upset thanks to the energetic home environment. The Patriots don't really play up home-field advantage during the regular season, but Kansas City and Arrowhead stadium will be pumping as it hosts its first AFC Championship. The excitement could be just what's needed to edge the Chiefs past the New England Patriots. The matchup could have almost the same intensity as a Super Bowl matchup. The game won't boil down to coach vs. coach or quarterback vs. quarterback.