The Rams are set to do battle on NFC Championship Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. The winner stamps their ticket to the Super Bowl. This game could be an explosive match between two star-studded teams. The Saints led by Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas, and also have one of the loudest home crowds in the NFL. The LA Rams are led by Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Robert Woods and defensive star Aaron Donald. The conference championship is the second time the two teams have met each other this season. The Rams are hoping to avenge their week 9 loss to the Saints.

This game could end up to be an offensive shootout. The key to a Rams victory is not a league star or even a Pro Bowler, but a self-labeled "Fat Back," by the name of C.J. Anderson. Anderson nearly called it quits a few months ago. As the Los Angeles Rams running back, he's made the case for being a workhorse for the Rams. He's also become one of the keys to defeating the Saints at their home.

C.J. Anderson signing was just a precaution

Los Angeles signed C.J. Anderson out of a precaution and to allow Todd Gurley to recover from a minor knee injury. Anderson and others didn't expect him to play much. Anderson's addition was thought to be just to add a cushion in the depth chart below Gurley. Gurley ended up being sidelined for Week 16, and Head Coach Sean McVay put Anderson to the test.

Anderson ended up running for 167 yards and scoring one touchdown.

Gurley also ended up missing out on the game against the 49ers, allowing Anderson to deliver another strong performance. Gurley returned for the divisional playoff game against the Cowboys, but Anderson and others expected to see his play time decrease. Sean McVay ended up keeping him on the field and feeding him the ball.

Anderson ended the game with 123 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

C.J. Anderson's performance attributed to entire team

While it seems that Anderson's performance was because of just him, you also have to look to Rams strong offensive line. As part of the LA Rams, Anderson ended up with a 74 percent success rate on rushing attempts.

On the field, Anderson sets himself apart from Gurley and other running backs. Anderson's style is unique and focuses more about running up the middle. A style Gurley did not often adopt on the field.

Anderson become known for escaping tackles. Pro Football Focus has recorded Anderson averaging 4 yards per carry. While some manage to tackle Anderson, he's still able to fight for more yards. Anderson and Gurley's running pose a threat similar to the New Orleans running game. However, New Orleans ended up stopping Gurley in Week 9 and holding him to 68 yards.