While Patrick Mahomes failed to deliver the Chiefs a massive AFC Championship victory on Sunday, nothing he did against the Patriots should tarnish his excellence as a quarterback. Kansas City fans should still support the young gunslinger and even be excited for the future of the franchise and the quarterback.

SB Nation reports that after reviewing the numbers, it's clear Mahomes outperformed Brady by a fair amount. Patriots' leader deserves the credit for delivering New England the victory on that final touchdown drive, but Mahomes had better numbers.

Patrick Mahomes ended the game 16-31 for 295 yards and three touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes outperformed Tom Brady

Boston Herald reports that even more importantly, Mahomes didn't throw a single pick. With Mahomes throwing the ball into coverage during the regular season, he didn't put the ball at risk in a game that mattered, which is a sign of a mature signal caller.

The veteran signal-caller ended the night 30-46 for 348 yards and one touchdown. Brady ended up getting picked off twice. However, one was the result of a ball that came off Julian Edelman's hands. However, those turnovers could easily have turned the game over to Kansas City.

Mahomes ended the game with a QB rating of 117, while Brady ended the game with a 77.1 rating.

In a shocking turn of events, the youngster outperformed the legend on one of the biggest stages of them all. Leaving us to wonder what could Mahomes do next season.

Patrick Mahomes was a shining star in the championship game

Mahomes performance on Sunday night, should not be a surprise to anyone. Mahomes is destined to be the league's MVP, after throwing for 5,097 and 50 touchdowns this season.

Mahomes might end up securing more hardware at the end of the season.

Rumors are circulating that Mahomes just wasn't ready to bring his team all the way to the Super Bowl. You can dismiss those rumors. He's a top-notch quarterback who didn't have the strong enough defense to lift the Lombardi Trophy this year. Mahomes and the Chiefs offense was good enough to win it all.

Patrick Mahomes says the loss is a building block for the future. Mahomes ended up being everything the Chiefs hoped he would be when they drafted him in 2017. Mahomes has plenty of offensive weapons at his disposal including tight end Travis Kelce and receiver Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs led the league in scoring. The offense began to struggle over the last four games when they were forced to cut running back Kareem Hunt and receiver Sammy Watkins was lost to an injury.