The decision by Chinese media to censor the ears of actors wearing earrings has sparked a heated debate (online/offline). Anyone can see Actor Wang Linkai's (Chinese TV actor) ears are blurred in an episode of the TV show "Sister's Flower Shop" and another Chinese actor Jing Boran's ears in episode 1 'L' and episode 3 'R' of the TV show "I Actor". The amazing thing about this controversy is #MaleTVStarsCantWearEarrings. This hashtag is trending on Social Media and was used more than 90,000 times on Weibo and on Chines Social Media as well.

Why Chinese Actors Earring is Blurred?

Many people on Social Media argued that wearing earrings is good for women but not for men. The effect of male Celebrities displaying more "effeminate" characteristics has become a controversial issue in China in recent years. According to Grace Leung (who teaches media regulation and policy issues), while speaking to CNN, this is a consistent policy to "purify their pop culture from the Western influence and strengthening the Chinese characteristics of manhood."

Media Regulation and Policies

Recently, Chinese media banned TV stations from featuring actors with tattoos, hip-hop culture clothing and LGBTQ symbols. We all know that every community has a different mentality and history.

The media is a reflection of our country and media should try to present a good image of their country.

Maybe tattoos and earrings are trending fashions in Western countries but not in China. If anyone wants to understand the reasoning behind this decision, Leung's statement is enough for it. A man should be a man is a good statement.

If anyone tries to wear something which is considered "girly" then definitely our society should consider it wrong. In the same way, Chinese media should be against hip-hop culture, tattoos and LGBT symbols. Western and Asians have different history and mentalities. Some people of China try to live their life according to Western mentalities.

Rules and regulation of China should be the first priority of celebrities This decision will make fewer controversies. We can see the same thing in other countries like Pakistan and Turkey not allowing even skirts in their movies and dramas.

On the other hand, skirts in Hollywood and Bollywood are really common. Tattoos, hip-hop culture and LGBT symbols should be banned. The country's media regulator have not issued any statements on the issue, despite several attempts by media outlets to contact them.