The United States President is an impossible man but behind his maverick behavior, he does seem to have some line of thought. He has shown this propensity in his dealings with North Korea where repeatedly he had crossed swords with the Korean Dictator and ended up calling him "rocket man." However, he had a change of heart and sat down with Kim Jong for what he later termed a fruitful meeting in Singapore. Trump probably thought that the same line of thought would prevail with Iran. Firstly he withdrew from the nuclear deal and later proposed talks with Iran.

The Saudi Gazette has reported that Iran rejected this offer of talks and President Rowhani of Iran specifically mentioned that Iran would not negotiate with the United States under the shadow of any threat.

Trump and nuclear accord

The United States seems to be isolated and not in step with the rest of the world with regard to the Iran nuclear accord. To the credit of Trump, it must be mentioned that right from the election campaign he had always mentioned that the Iran deal was seriously flawed and blamed President Obama for it. The announcement of the withdrawal from the nuclear deal was followed by imposing sanctions on Iran. Iran has support from Russia and China which have opposed the unilateral American withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

The United States has also warned all countries who have trade relations with Iran to be ready for the consequences. So far this does not seem to have had any effect and other powers like Russia, EU, and China continue to have trade relations with Iran.

Iran under threat

Iran feels it is under threat. Yahoo News reported that the Iranian foreign minister has just announced that there will be no talks with the United States even on the sidelines of the UN meeting next month.

Russia, EU, and China have said they will stand by Iran as far as the nuclear deal is concerned

The United States is the number one power in the world and once it decides to go down a particular path it is very disastrous for the country that faces it. The USA also has tremendous economic clout and the powers that are supporting the Iran Nuclear deal will be wary of the American reaction.

Donald Trump, during the last one-and-a-half-years of his presidency, has shown that he is a man of action. He does exactly what he said he will do in his campaigns. Donald Trump is not bothered about world opinion or opinion at home. For example, he invited the Russian president to the White House and he shifted the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem despite opposition from his own allies.

Iran's dilemma

The Iranian government and President Rouhani are on the horns of a dilemma and will be wondering how to confront the mercurial American President who does everything that he has been stating for years. This is not a happy thought as opposing the USA can lead the Iranian economy downhill.

Nor can Iran carry out its military threats of blocking the passage of oil from the Persian Gulf without antagonizing the USA. Blocking of the passage of oil may well turn out to be a disaster for Iran. The winner in such a scenario would be Trump.