Donald Trump never fails to surprise Americans, as well as the world. Close on the heels of his summit meeting with the Russian president at Helsinki, news has emerged that the president is planning to invite the Russian leader to Washington this fall. The news came as a total surprise to Dan Coats, the head of national intelligence. CNN has reported that Dan Coats took a deep breath when the news was broken to him by Andrea Mitchell of NBC.

Russian interference

The head of national intelligence is convinced that Russia interfered in the presidential election in favor of Trump.

To be fair to Trump, he cannot sustain an idea that he won the election because of Russian support. In real terms, the Russia connection is a stick with which to beat Trump by his opponents. Nobody answers what did the Russians achieve? Everybody talks of Russian interference, but except dark hints and innuendos, nothing concrete has emerged, that implicates Trump. One also wonders how long will Robert Mueller continue his investigation? Its already stretched quite a bit.

Inviting Putin

The invitation to Putin is not to the liking of many people. Most of the critics are those who have a hangover of the cold war and still live in that age. When a man like Trump emerges, these men with ideas of the cold war are unable to think ahead.

Fox News has reported that Trump has said that he had a"great meeting" with Putin and he looks forward to the second meeting with him.

Trump has given little away about the meeting, except that Ukraine, Israel, and the Middle East was discussed.

Trump's meeting with Putin was for over two hours, where both the leaders met alone, only with interpreters. The chief of national intelligence has opined he that would have done it differently. Trump has, for a long time, been an admirer of Putin, who he had praised during his election campaign. After the election, his opponents dug up the Russian connection and Trump seemed cornered.

He has now hit back, and as reported by CNN in the recent Republican Party meeting at Austin, there was a lot of support for him. One wonders whether the average American shares the grim views of Trump's opponents like McCain, Schwezneger, and others.

Coming elections

With mid-term elections, there is a possibility that Trump and Putin may meet before the Russian president comes to Washington. Many western allies are worried about what was discussed on Ukraine. Trump keeps the cards close to his chest. One thing is clear, that with two years to go, for the next presidential election, a different and combative Trump, like the one who called out NATO allies, may be seen.