Throughout our lives, we will make mistakes and there will be setbacks. We may sometimes wonder why life seems to be pressing us underneath such unforgiving circumstances and we may come up empty when trying to get ourselves out of them. How we choose to handle these circumstances will determine, in large part, the conditions of our future and whether or not it will be a hospitable one. We can either decide to blame ourselves or others and even though it might not seem like it would make a difference, the results of the latter will be drastically different.

How do we make it easy on ourselves?

These situations can sometimes cause us to blame others, or blame the situation by saying "that's just how it is." I have made this mistake as well, I refused to try and lose weight for the majority of my life because I put the blame on being born obese and I thought that's how it was going to be, I almost didn't start this entrepreneurship path because I put the blame on being a poor student growing up.

Whenever we choose to place a burden on in our lives, that is the one thing that will be holding us back from whatever it is we may seek. We can make this mistake because it's easy to blame others or situations, it hides a truth about ourselves as well as taking the burden off us.

That is the exact problem with this though, it removes the burden, yet we are the only ones capable of making the change. Giving someone or something the power over your life is always a losing game. The only person that can ultimately change your lives is you.

What is wrong with this?

If you blame something or someone else for your problems, you will never learn why the issues keep coming your way.

We must take ownership of everything in our lives. The funny thing about circumstances is that when we blame others, we see them as curses, but when we take ownership, we see them as blessings. Our sentiments of confusion and being lost are created by feeling a loss of control in our lives. Our lives are not meant to be spent in the passenger seat; we must be in control to get what we want.

One of the greatest things about being human is that we can truly be whatever we want to be and do whatever we choose to do. Your success and future are always in your hands. Always remember that you are always 100 percent in control. This allows us to utilize the strength to overcome any obstacle and use the potential within us to prove to ourselves that we are truly capable of achieving everything we set our minds to, and give ourselves everything we want in our lives.