Take a good look at the mural painted on a wall outside a school in California and you can see the severed head of Donald Trump on the end of a spear. You might think this was a story about someone putting up this artwork and upsetting the school officials, but it seems it is the other way around.

The mural depicting Trump's severed head is part of an art exhibition that was hosted by the school. The very graphic display is part of a community charter school's annual graffiti expo, which is held to raise scholarship money for the school. That mural is seen below.

Disturbing mural

Needless to say, once the community caught wind of the mural, outrage ensued and the school was under the gun to take it down. The mural shows an Aztec warrior lifting a human heart, as if it were some type of trophy, suggests the Washington Post.

Then there is another warrior with his spear outstretched and this warrior has Trump's head at the end of the spear. That sharp head of the spear is seen coming out of Donald Trump's mouth.

Trump spearheaded in a mural

The artist who created this mural, Sasha Andrade, did so for Battlegroundz, which is the graffiti expo that is orchestrated each year. The mural is painted on a wall that is found in an alley behind the MAAC Community Charter School in Chula Vista, California. Chula Vista is just outside of San Diego.

School moves to remove once outrage ensues

Once the outrage emerged over such a horrendous depiction, the school released a statement that started off by saying how they understand there's a mural that doesn't meet with the "school's philosophy of nonviolence." The school's director, Tommy Ramirez also conveyed, in this statement, that they've contacted the artist who has agreed to modify the mural so it will meet the school's standards.

In an attempt to shield the mural from the public, once the hoopla started, it was covered with a plastic tarp and a school bus was parked in front of it. Apparently, that wasn't enough, as the mural was later covered up with plywood, replacing the plastic tarp.

Artist cries censorship

The artist could not be reached for a comment but she did taunt those who wanted the mural down when she posted a picture of her completed work on Instagram. The caption read, "They can try to #censor it but here it is guys!!!!" This Instagram photo appears to have been removed.

When you go to that Instagram page it now says "Sorry, this page isn't available." The mural has caught the attention of people around the nation.

Many see it as a disturbing piece of work that not only conveys violence but disrespects the office of the President of the United States.

Trump supporters and non-supporters outraged

It seems that the disgust felt over this mural isn't contingent upon whether you like Trump or not. Both Trump supporters and non-supporters find fault in posting something as graphically violent as this, especially when it is depicting the U.S. President. Not to mention this was done as a part of a school's celebration of art.

Violence seeps in

With school violence and terror in the streets becoming an epidemic, the last thing you would think that an educational institution would do would be to display even more violence under the umbrella of art.

The school appears to be distancing itself from the artist's subject matter in the mural. But it did take backlash to come their way before they made a move to cover up the mural.

Secret Service

An investigation is underway to find out just when the school became aware of this mural. The Secret Service is also aware of this mural, according to the Washington Post. The agency's spokesperson, Joseph A. Casey released a statement to the Washington Post today regarding their awareness of the mural, but he did not say whether or not an investigation by the protective intelligence division would happen in this case.