On Thursday (May 10), John Kelly, the White House's chief of staff, gave an interview, on NPR (National Public Radio), and was asked a series of questions about issues affecting Americans. One topic of discussion was about undocumented immigrants, an issue of debate that continues to surface. Kelly told listeners that "a vast majority of the people who move into the United States are not bad people," and added that they're "not criminals or MS13s," which is a notorious Latin gang.

This much is true, nevermind the glaring fact that it contradicts his boss' previous claims about immigrants, specifically Mexican immigrants.

It's worth noting that not every immigrant emigrates from Mexico, an assumption on which Trump has couched his reform message. And it should be said that building a wall is not the answer to illegal immigration, nor is inflaming a sensitive issue [VIDEO] with false stereotypes to gain the support of those who fear a browner America. Kelly went on to say undocumented immigrants are not people who would "easily assimilate into the United States," and that "they're overwhelmingly rural people." Then came the kicker. Without hesitation, he stated, "the countries they come from fourth, fifth or sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm." Sobering ideology right?

One must question if this is really an issue about undocumented immigrants, race, color, or stereotypes?

Or are just the latter three constructs at play? Is John Kelly saying that immigrants lack the skills and intellect to be Americans? Too much of a country-bumpkin? Did he forget he is the descendant of poor immigrants? Or that immigrants, legal and illegal, are hardworking individuals? This is the way it is and has always been.

Descendants of immigrants in the White House

Almost every American, including White House staff, is a descendant of immigrants unless they are descendants of those forced to immigrate by way of kidnap and enslavement or those that resided here for 15,000 years before and were forced onto reservations. This is why Kelly's comments are not only rooted in nativism borne of a racist-mindset but blood-curdling hypocrisy.

In a CNN interview on Friday (May 11), genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn gave America a peek into the background of some White House staffers, like Mr. Kelly, who is the descendant of Italian and Irish immigrants.

Kelly's own great-grandparents faced the same issues as many of today's undocumented immigrants. His great-grandmother didn't speak English and lived in the US for 37 years without learning the language, and his great-grandfather lived as an illegal immigrant for 47 years, according to Mendelsohn. He would have been deported under the Trump administration's policies. Kelly isn't the only White House employee with this kind of history. Vice President Pence's family took advantage of chain migration and brought over their family members.

Stephen Miller, a senior adviser for the White House who has been vehemently opposed to immigration reform and finding resolve for DACA kids, is a Jewish fellow who descends from Eastern Europeans who immigrated to the US. His great-grandmother spoke no English and this was documented in the Ellis Island book.

We the people

The race-rhetoric from the White House should not be ignored. Americans cannot be partisan on what is decent and just. In fact, the US owes Donald Trump much thanks for doing what other presidents could not, and that is, try to dismantle the American dream, incite hate of ethnic groups, uproot democracy, and deny constitutional freedoms. Because of his actions, the resolve of the people is strengthened.

He will ultimately serve as the catalyst for a revolutionized way of being.

Although the US land was stolen from its original owners, and then people were stolen from their homelands to develop the ill-gotten land, the true ideals of the American dream have endured. This is evidenced by everything America is today--a melting pot of humanity and all that is good. And just so we're clear, slavery in the US was not a choice [VIDEO]. We must reject the ideas that immigrants are gang members, rapists, violent, uneducated, and socially inept. If that were the case, the US would not exist. America is a nation that was built upon the tired-whipped backs, crimson blood, and salty sweat of immigrants and descendants of the enslaved.

And as such, we must not allow anyone to cast dispersions on what Americans hold dear. We, the people, must stand together to protect the dream of the dreamers, after all, this is the land where anything is possible.

As a nation, we have evolved despite a stained past. America will not allow the Trump administration to make a mockery out of our beloved torchbearer, Lady Liberty, and the Mother of Exiles. She is a symbol and honored icon of sorts. Americans have long believed her message of "world-wide welcome." It is the soul of who we are. We welcome the tired and weary, and those who want a better life. These are the people who've worked tirelessly to make America great, and it was long before a Trump Towers existed anywhere.

So remember, the next time Donald Trump, the son, and husband of an immigrant or any Trumpian speaks unkindly about undocumented immigrants, breathe deep and keep in mind, somewhere in that family tree lies an undocumented immigrant, who probably didn't speak English. Instead, tuck away the offense, and know that God really does bless America, all we have to do is stand strong, stand united, and stand as one--one United States of America.