Guns and death go together. America has the largest number of guns owned in the world and even if a fraction of them are used they can cause a tremendous number of deaths all over the country. It's almost like a death wish that has taken over as every day at least two or three Americans, sometimes, even more, are killed by the use of guns.

This is the harsh reality and America once more came face to face with it in the recent Shooting in the YouTube headquarters in California. CNN reported that the facility employed over 1,500 persons and a quick reaction team of the police reached in record time, but the shooting could not be stopped.

The result is that a 35-year-old woman used a handgun after a domestic dispute and fired, injuring two women, one of who is in serious condition. Later, she pulled the gun on herself and committed suicide.


The names of those who were injured and the person who pulled the gun really are not very important. The most vital thing is that a weapon of mass destruction has been used. The law mandates an American to have the right to carry and use a gun. The second amendment is very clear about it. However, this was framed at a time when the era called the Wild West was live. Times have changed, but not the law and the proliferation of guns has now become endemic.

These killings of innocent Americans do not seem to jar the conscience of the nation.

Most Americans read the headlines and forget about it in the next 24 hours. The people who have lost their loved ones due to the shootings are the only ones who perhaps remember that their loved one was killed by a bullet. There is a lot of lip service all around and, as usual. President Trump has tweeted his condolences, but this really has no meaning, as it has become more of a ritual now and perhaps the president will be keeping a tweet ready for the next killing.

Using guns

Most apologists who defend the use of guns, as well as their own, point out that guns do not kill, but are used by a human being and then only a killing takes place.

They are correct, in a way, but they forget that the killer who has access to a weapon of destruction is likely to inflict far more casualties than he would have been able to do with any other weapon like a knife.

Death wish

America seems to be consumed by a death wish and now it is apparent that the American people have accepted that a shooting incident will take place every day and two to three people must die. This is a very dangerous line of thought and could take America into uncharted waters, maybe to the land of Hades itself.