The ex FBI director Andrew Mccabe was fired just two days before his 50th birthday by Jeff Sessions the Attorney General, on the instruction of the president Donald Trump. To think it was anything otherwise, would be a fallacy as the president, by repeated tweets, expressed his delight over the firing of McCabe just two days before his retirement without full pensionary benefits. He gloated over the fact that the ex FBI Dy Director could be denied his pension. McCabe, however, won a lot of sympathies and now Newsweek has reported that on a request by him to fund his legal expenses, donations to the tune of $554,000 been have been received.

This shows the amount of support the ex FBI director has and is a veritable slap in the face of Trump.


McCabe has always maintained that his sacking and the earlier sacking of the FBI director James Comey was, in reality, an attempt by Donald Trump to discredit the intelligence agencies. He has termed all the allegations by Trump as false. Trump on his part has said that when the duo used to meet him they never took any notes. He went on to add that the fact that they have produced memos, later on, is a surprise and the memos were probably faked. He has repeatedly tweeted his happiness at the sacking of McCabe and the denial of pension to him.


McCabe closed the fund to help fight the legal Battle against the administration after it was oversubscribed and now the ex FBI director says that he doesn't need any more donations.

The fund had a target of $500,000. A spokeswoman for McCabe said that whatever money is required will be utilized for a legal battle and the balance which is left will be donated to a charity decided by the family of McCabe.

McCabe was accused by Trump of going slow on the investigation against Hillary. He has denied the allegations but Trump has repeatedly tweeted that both McCabe and his boss Comey deserved to be sacked and the FBI will be happier without them.

He has charged the duo of corrupt practices.

Jeff Sessions

In this entire drama, the role of Jeff Sessions is somewhat a mystery. He himself was on the chopping block at one stage but perhaps Trump has spared him for the present as he is doing the bidding of the president. One can be sure that if he had not sacked McCabe when he did ( two days before his 50th birthday) the Attorney General may have been immediately sacked. Sessions may have bought time but it is not sure how long he will last.

Donald Trump is fighting for survival and one can be sure that he will fight to his last breath.