One wonders what the official American line of thought of the Trump administration is on Russia. Trump does seem to convey the impression that he would like an accommodation with Russia and is looking forward to meeting Putin. His actions, perhaps conditioned by allegations that he is a Russian stooge, have forced him to pass strict sanctions against Russia. In addition, expelling 60 Russian diplomats has almost brought the cold war back. His principal advisor Nikki Halley has gone one step further. news reported via an Associated Press article, that she told the GOP lawmakers during an address that “[Moscow] is not, will not, be our friend."

Dangerous thought

This is a dangerous line of thought and shows that she's sowing the seeds of a perpetual conflict.

Talking in this way shows that she has a warped thinking. The Permanent Representative to the UN must answer that if Russia cannot be a friend what can it be? Obviously, it points to Russia being a perpetual enemy.

The sanctions imposed continuously by the Trump administration on Russia reminds one of the trade embargoes enforced by the USA during World War II on Japan. With fuel supplies running low the Japanese war cabinet led by Tojo decided to go to war with the USA. The rest is history.

Boxing in Russia

The Russians are getting boxed in and the Anglo Saxon powers led by the USA and UK are pressurizing other countries to follow suit. Much if the world is ignoring them but they do have their way of convincing countries of Europe to follow their lead.

World War Ii ended in the defeat of Japan but the modern scenario is different. Russia is infinitely more powerful as it has the latest nuclear weapons. In case of a war, the smaller nations of Europe like Poland, Denmark etc including the UK could just cease to exist. Russia because of its size, may still survive but the EU will not exist.

One is perplexed as to what Trump is thinking. He wants to show people he is not influenced by Russia but the games he is playing are dangerous. Many people are still convinced he won the election because of Putin and Russia. To get over this tag he is endangering western civilization by following this policy of brinkmanship with Russia.


Russia is not Japan of 1941 as it has WMD. Diplomats like Nikki Halley are baiting the Russians and that is something very silly. The west is in a self-destruction mode and its about time the Americans thought of a better man to lead them. As a second option, Trump better show the door to people like Halley who recently also stated that Russia interfered in the US elections, something Trump has never said.