Beto O’Rourke, the handsome, charismatic congressman who is trying to take away Senator Ted Cruz’s seat was recently obliged to apologize for agreeing with Bill Maher that his opponent is a “giant a—hole. O’Rourke thus made his third mistake. As both John Wayne and Mark Harmon tended to say, “Never apologize. It’s a sign of weakness.”

O’Rourke’s first mistake was to be on Maher’s show, to begin with. No one, especially a candidate for public office, escapes being soiled by being near that reptile. Just ask Christine O’Donnell.

His second mistake was agreeing with Maher’s assessment of Cruz’s character.

But then O’Rourke tends to drop F-bombs on the stump, so perhaps he could not help himself.

No one loves Cruz but the people

As Red State recently noted, Ted Cruz is loathed and despised by people inside the Beltway, in the northeast, and the west coast. Not only is Cruz a conservative, but he is an awe-inspiring smart one, Harvard educated, eloquent on the stump, and unwilling to go along to get along. However, these qualities, which cause him to be so disdained in the Senate Cloakroom, endear him down home in Texas. The good people in the Lone Star State did not send Cruz to Washington to be part of the Senate club. They sent him there to shake up the club, which he has done with great gusto.

Beto O’Rourke is this year’s Wendy Davis

Nevertheless, O’Rourke continues to draw crowds and lots of Hollywood and East Coast money. The media continues to harp on that last fact as proof that somehow he is the second coming of Bobby Kennedy and will sweep Cruz before him.

Four years ago, a telegenic state senator named Wendy Davis was going to paint Texas blue by being elected governor.

Her main claim to fame was filibustering a bill that restricted abortions. She talked the bill to death in the regular session of the Texas Legislature, only to see it sail through in the subsequent, special session.

Nevertheless, Davis got a lot of money and free media when she ran for governor in 2014. However, after a series of rookie mistakes and gaffes, the current governor, Gregg Abbott, beat her by 21 points.

As a consolation prize. Sandra Bullock will play Davis in a movie.

Beto O’Rourke is headed down the trail blazed by Wendy Davis. His views on issues ranging from abortion to guns to immigration are far to the left of most Texans. However, perhaps, as a consolation, Matt Damon could play O’Rourke in the movie based on his life.