At last the much-touted missile Attack has taken place. President Trump, in an effort to show his domestic audience that he is not a Russian stooge, launched cruise missiles on specific targets in Syria. The attacks it appears, are over, and even the Americans have not claimed a great success for them. All the Western and American powers are a saying is that these attacks are a punishment for the Assad Regime for using chemical weapons.The Guardian has reported that the Syria bombing was a disgraceful act disguised as a noble gesture.

Missile attack

Knowledgeable observers have pointed out that the missile attack has achieved nothing and Assad remains in control of the situation and he will claim victory. The missiles seem to have done minimal damage and there is no doubt that many of them were downed. The Russians claim that 71 were shot down. This may be an exaggeration but the fact remains that many of the missiles failed. The Russians have taunted the Americans by saying that the weapons used to shoot the missiles were of 70s vintage. This does not speak highly of the American attack

France and the UK were also partners but their participation was more in the form of cheerleaders and the brunt of the attack was carried out by the US armed forces

The attacks have not achieved anything but will only lead to consolidation of forces behind Assad.

The Russians who are suffering from the American economic sanctions are still backing Assad to the hilt and there is no way they are going to backtrack. In such a scenario, Assad can claim victory. His forces equipped with weapons of '70s vintage gave a credible account of themselves.


Theresa May launched the attack at the behest of Donald Trump, bypassing Parliament approval.

In 2014, President Obama did not go ahead with a missile attack on Syria at that time as the British Parliament refused to endorse an attack on Syria. The British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn wanted the matter to be referred to Parliament but Theresa May in her quest to become Margaret Thatcher launched the attack at the behest of the United States.


Theresa May said that the UK does not desire a regime change. In that case, this attack has only served to strengthen the hands of president Assad and he will be able to claim victory. The forces of Assad are not degraded and they can continue to kill all his opponents. One fact that has emerged, is that American intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya has been a disaster. it is about time the western powers and the USA, in particular, faced the reality of their role as the great policeman of the world. Sending thousands of American young man to death in chasing a dream is not the best way forward.