Why does anybody start doing anything? There are only three answers to that – because I wanted to, because I needed to, and because I had to. Everybody knows that jobs are a necessary part of life, a paying job is what pays your bills and puts food in your mouth. We all like to think that we can do whatever we want, and maybe that’s true for some, but not for many.

Some people made smart decisions and saved money to provide a cushion while they pursued their dreams, while others become stuck on the same path while living paycheck to paycheck.


Writing isn’t easy and it can take a while for someone to write a book. This is especially true in my case. Not that it’s taking me forever to write my book, but it did take me forever to figure out how I’m going to do it. I’ve figured out the pattern that I must follow to keep myself on track.

Interruptions are a common thing in my life, though. I am a stay at home which leads people to believe that I have an unlimited supply of time. I don’t. First, it starts with simple emergencies, sick kids, housework piling up, etc. After that, we run into the issue of being completely and utterly exhausted. So, where I would stay up until two to three a.m. to write I go to bed at a decent time to try and catch up on sleep.

While those things can make writing extremely difficult, they aren’t the only things I deal with on a day to day basis. In fact, here recently I took in a litter of five kittens who need to be fed every 2-4 hours. To say that I’m exhausted and feeling overworked is an understatement.

All these things combined make it extremely difficult to focus on my writing.

So, why blogging?

First, I started out by looking for small jobs I could do where work on my skills as a writer. However, as I applied for jobs I realized that I didn’t actually have much experience. I haven’t yet published any stories, at all. (Not counting that one time in high school where I got scammed by that poetry competition)

The only way to gain experience with writing is to write something, and have people look at it.

Then I can claim that experience on my resume. I tried to write a short story, but even that story turned into a much longer one. blogging actually gives me concrete proof that I wrote something, and I don’t have to worry about keeping it short.

Do I recommend blogging?

If it’s what you want to do, then do it. Blogging takes less time than writing a novel, and I get to speak to my followers through my posts. Also, blogging, even on your own or through a blogging website like Blasting News, gives you the experience you need to help you get your foot in the door with other opportunities.